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23 February 2010

We're Gonna Rock Down To Electric AveFood.

So, my arms were totally sore today, as were my inner thighs. Love it! Love it slash…ouch? But really it’s awesome because it means I did what I set out to do yesterday, which was totally rip my arms. Boom.

Green tea count: I had 5 cups today, and only because I left work early to meet with some old grad school people about potential job stuff (nothing to get excited about yet but I’m still gonna pursue every option!)


Open faced egg sandwich! – half an everything bagel, 1 tbsp of ketchup, 1 slice Canadian bacon, egg subst with a little sprinkling of garlic salt.
*half a banana
*glass/cup of milk


*tastybite madras lentils
*sandwich: same as yesterday, which I forgot to add, also had a sprinkling of feta cheese! So feta, roasted red pepper hummus, 1 LCL wedge, a few slices of turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts
*4 diced strawberries, half a banana sliced


*handful of baby carrots dipped in about half of a sabra individual size hummus thing (scooped into the dressing/dips container in my Bento!)

*on the way home I had another greensuperfood mix – this one was wheat grass, and I didn’t hate it! Totally getting hooked on these things, I think.


*the most amazing salad ever: romaine lettuce, big chunks of red pepper, alfalfa sprouts, sprinkling of feta cheese, 4 falafal balls crumbled, 2 or 3 tablespoons tzatziki sauce.

AH.MAH.GAH. So good. SO GOOD. I love greek flavors and this is just…insanely good. I love falafel. It’s one of those things if I see it on a menu somewhere, I end up ordering it like 95% of the time.

(PS – if you’re ever in DC and like falafel, go to Amsterdam Falafal in Adams Morgan. It is the best ever. For serious. I’d add some things in caps-lock right about now, all-shouty-like, but I feel I’ve internet-shouted enough in this post, no?)

And for a complete 180, in totally disgusting news, I think we have some critters living in our walls on our top floor. I can hear scratching in my walls and little squeaks. We've had mice before but, God help me, whatever these things are sound bigger. Squirrels maybe? I think we've had squirrels in attic before. It doesn't surprise me since it's been so cold the little guys are probably looking for some warmth. That doesn't bother me but...I'm afraid they're going to 1: chew through the wall (seriously I know nothing about this, I'm going on my girly-girl animal instincts which are severely lacking) and then climb on my face or 2: die and then stink to high heaven. And it's been warmer as of late, so they need to find a new home. Has anyone had any experience with this!? What do I do? Can I do anything about it?? UUGHHHH

**Okay I'll divert your attention to GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! Lent: Sweets 'n Jobs is still going strong!**

oooh, look over here! eat move love is having a luna bar giveaway! i'm a luna bar convert. so don't go an enter to give me better odds. whaaaaaat! just kidding :-) ...maybe.


Kristina said...

Your eating is so spot on! Going to have to add some of those to my menu! We had squirrels a couple of years ago and they are hard to get out. My dad had access to the attic and had to shoot them (I cried)..and we built "squirrel boxes" on every corner of the house that they may have access to (basically just made sure they were closed off well). good luck and keep kicking butt in the workouts!

266 said...

We had something in our wall about two months ago and then it came back for a couple more visits a few weeks later. I think it was because of the cold too. It must have moved on though because we haven't heard it in a while (thanks goodness, cause I had the same fears you do).

Katie J said...

Sounds like roof rats to me. Ewwwwie! I would check into seeing if that is what they are.


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