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28 September 2009

Are You Gonna Go My Weigh

Well, here we are. Monday morning. Weigh-in day. And I decided that today would be my monthly weigh in, because it’s been four weeks and I’m antsy to get moving on the next month.

So, what was my reaction when I stepped on the scale this morning, you ask? It was the following:


Now, guessing game! Who wants to guess if that was out of happiness or blind rage?




(this is starting to remind me of a chain letter with those dots…scroll down and if you read this post and tell 15 others to read this post, your crush will call you at 9pm!! Oooh!)

Sorry what?

Oh, right. The scale.

Fine, I’ll tell you.

It was:

244! HAHA!

I really couldn’t believe it. That’s down 4.8 from last week. Crazytown, USA. It also means I’ve lost a total of 16 pounds, and that I’m only 1 pound away from my NOVEMBER goal! This is great for two reasons (in addition to just being inherently great):

1) It’s like my version of weight watcher Flex points, but Flex Pounds or something. Holidays and all. I don’t want to make excuses, but every day or every week won’t be perfect and weeks like this help in case I falter later on. Not that I want to or that I plan to. I’m just trying to be realistic and be aware of the possibility.

2) If I keep weighing in ahead of my targets, I could maybe even reach a normal weight by next year. An extra 20 pound loss spread out over a year is about 1.7 pounds a month. I've definitely gotten that so far. However, in addition to thinking about failing, I also don’t like thinking about “the end result” too much. I did that last time and I think it’s good to an extent, but too much of it can lead me to forget about what I’m doing in the present, does that make sense?

So I kind of just talked myself out of the other two things that I said were great. But I’ve still got them in my mind, just not at the front. The front of my mind is currently rented by You Did A Great Job This Last Week, Inc. Though the former tenants of this space, I Don’t Feel Like Exercising Today And You Should Rest on Your Laurels LLC, are really making a strong bid to get the space back. If I have any other bidders, my rental space can be found (this week) at the following address:



Christa said...

Good Job!! Your doing great!! Keep up the good work:)

Katie J said...

What a wonderful weigh in! You are doing great!

From Fat to Fit said...

5 pounds...that is great! Ah, the chain letter...I remember those! :)

Scarlet Simple said...

oh my gosh! Congrats on weighing ahead of goal! I agree about the end results. If I think to hard about the ending, I get impatient about the present.

Good work!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! You are really working this thing!

Tina said...

Wow great job on the loss!

athinnerkatie said...

Great job! I am trying for the exact same goalas you 100 pounds in 12 months, so I am rooting for you hard core!!!

266 said...

That's an excellent weigh-in! Be proud, girl!!!


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