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01 October 2009

Let's Make A Meal


*cup of cottage cheese
*Two and a half cups of black coffee (YEESH)

Kept the breakfast light, because we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch!


*Pear and Endive Salad (the description says: grilled chicken, endive, radicchio, arugula, butter lettuce, roasted pear, blue cheese, candied pecans and tomato tossed with low-cal vinaigrette)
*half a cappuccino that was approximately bathtub-sized
*one tiny tiny bite of the pumpkin pecan cheesecake

I got the salad without the blue cheese and tomato, and had the dressing on the side. I dipped my individual bites into the salad and barely used any of it. I think I ate about half the salad ‘cause it was so enormous. Good, though. I’m not sure about the calories in the cappuchino or the cheesecake, though I don’t even want to know the cheesecake. But my bite was miniscule at best so I’m not worried.


*one measley piece of whole grain toast with I Can't Believe spray.

Why did I only have toast and water for dinner? I blame the cappuccino. My stomach felt AWFUL and I just...ugh. I guess my body isn't used to a rich drink like that, since I've been drinking nothing but skim milk, black coffee and water for four or five weeks straight. My guess is that the drink used whole milk. Yeechhhhh. The good news is that my body is adjusting to my healthy changes, the bad news is that I completely overlooked it and I had to have just toast for dinner because it felt like I had the alien from Independence Day (yeah, 1996 WHAT UP! Aren't dated-but-not-yet-nostalgic references the best kind?) in my stomach. Blech.


You'll note this is the second game-show related post-title. Can I tell you what this reminds me of?

SUPERMARKET SWEEP. I loved that show right down to those disgusting sherbert-colored sweatshirts. And you know they used the same ones over and over and they smelled musty and old. You know it. Oh man, I loved that show. And the strategy of the end part; go for the diapers and cold medicine and ohh, is there time to grind coffee? GET THE NINETY POUND HAMS!!


266 said...

You're hilarious! Great job on keeping lunch reasonable, by the way.

Fat[free]Me said...

LOL, supermarket sweep was the rage back then, wasn't it?

Hope your tummy recovered from the capuccino onslaught, lol!

Hadley said...

Ahhh! Supermarket sweep was genius. My brother and I used to love it. What a blast from the past.


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