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30 September 2009

Mealin' Groovy (except not today...GRR!)

Whew. So there were a couple things I was proud of today, and one very big thing that I am very very very much not.

I am proud of my gym work today. It almost got bad for a second there, but I kicked my own butt a little bit. So as a continuation to yesterday’s post, I wanted to jog for 5 minutes straight today. At 5mph. Incline of 1. I walked for 3:30 then started jogging at that pace. I jogged and jogged and I was starting to fade and I knew I wasn’t there yet, and I made the mistake of removing the towel I keep over the numbers – I was only at 7:10. And then my hand moved to the Speed and I moved it down to walking at 3.0 or something like that. And I was so mad at myself. But THEN I said, this is bullshit. So after about 40-45 seconds of walking, at the 8 minute mark, I said, okay, here is your punishment. I jogged for two minutes at 5.2mph. And at the 10 minute mark, I kept going for ten more seconds. I was proud of myself for kicking my own butt.

I walked until the 13 minute mark, brought the incline down to 0 and then said to myself “Self, you are going to start jogging at 5mph. You will jog until you hit one mile or the 15 minute mark, whichever comes first.” and I jogged until a mile, and the timer was at 14:48.

So I still didn’t do the five minutes straight. But I also jogged faster than I have ever before, for a full two minutes (and ten seconds!) And I’m happy with that. I’m obese, I’m not Flo Jo. I’m gonna keep working at it little by little.

Anyway, after that little battle of the mind with myself I did a bunch of weight machines. I believe I did eight machines, two of which had three different positions or moves. And I did three sets of ten.

So that was the good part of today.

Now comes the very, very bad part. My eating was embarrassing. And unhealthy. And scary. Not intentionally, but due to a scattered, busy day and a lack of planning, this is all I had to eat from 10:30am to 7pm:

*1 piece of whole grain toast with I Can’t Believe Yada Yada Spray.
*a banana

THAT’S IT. NOT COOL, SELF. I woke up at 10 today and by the time I got downstairs, made coffee (which I didn’t even have time to drink, sad face!) and made the toast, it was 11 and I had to get myself ready to leave at noon to go on an informational interview. So I got ready and raced out the door and all I grabbed was a banana. Because I'm flaky and don't think things through.

So I get on the Metro and head into DC and have the meeting, and by the time I’m back at the Metro parking lot, it’s 4pm, maybe? And I forget about the banana until I’m in the parking lot of my gym and I scarf down half of it ‘cause I was worried I would get sick if I ate the whole thing and then busted out jogging and what not.

I ate the other half of the banana when I got home.

For dinner:

*cup of berry mix: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries
*”quesadilla”: Flat Out Light Italian Herb wrap, 1 stringed string cheese, 1/3 a cup chicken, handful of spinach

Dinner was good. And I had my own thing, because my fam and guests had paninis that I make but they were a little fuller fat and other things so I just made my own thing. And I was happy to get in an actual meal today. Yeesh.

I’m glad what I ate today was healthy, and I'm glad that I went on an informational interview and did some networking and got my face out there. But I didn’t get in nearly enough vegetables or fruits or even water for that matter.

The good news is that tomorrow is another day.

And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to the Glee Cast's version of Somebody To Love on repeat until I turn 87. Good night.


Miz said...

greetings from the new day! I fear being too Suzie Sunshine and all but GIRL you did pretty damn GREAT IN MY BOOK BY GOING!

I may be too kind to myself ;) but even on the days I end up phoning in the workout (does anyone even say that any more?) when Im there----I figure GO ME! IM HERE!!

Have a great thursday.


Walking Queen said...

I'm surprised you had all that energy to exercise with so little food during the day!

Greta from said...

Nice job on the jogging! It truly does get easier...just keep at it...and keep challenging yourself. I was a total non runner in April and went from barely being able to jog 4.6 mph for 90 seconds to doing 5 miles yesterday in 60 minutes. (insane to me...even just typing it...!) I'm still working toward a 10 minute mile.

Be sure to eat enough protein, tho....especially if you are exercising hard. A good guideline is one gram of protein for each of your lean body pounds....tho I usually do not get quite that much. I tend to get about 110 grams a day. It makes a HUGE difference in weight loss, muscle gain, energy, and ability to exercise.

Oh...and stick a couple small zip lock bags with one ounce of nuts in them into your purse...for those days when you just do not have time to eat. An ounce of almonds is 170 healthy calories and can tide you over till meal time.

Sorry...did not mean to pop in here for the first time and be bossy. Lord. What has come over me? My apologies.


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