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01 October 2009

I'm ok, I'm alright, Ain't gonna face no defeat, I just gotta get out of this prison cell, Someday I'm gonna be free!

Gym today was simple, hard, and good. (TWSS?) 45 minute course on the elliptical, plus a five minute cool down. I did it on resistance level 3 (I have no idea what it’s out of) and the height went from 6 up to 10 and then back down to 6. I kept the RPMs in the 130-150 range. There were definitely a few times in the 10 height that I did NOT want to keep going. Blech!

Two music related things.

1: I don’t know if you saw my recent post on twitter (I think it’s weird to call it a “tweet”…wtf. I also don’t like the term “blog” so I’m often at a neurotic and unnecessary crossroads) it mentioned my, um, appreciation for Glee Cast’s version of Somebody to Love.

Do you have songs that just make your whole body sing from happiness?? Because this is one of them for me. I just…love it so very much. For serious. I put it on my workout playlist today and then on my way home I put down all my windows, turned up my stereo and blasted this. It was AWE.SOME.

2: I am a big fan of Paramore and their new album came out this week and one of their songs, Looking Up, has some good lyrics to listen to while working out:

Could have given up so easily
I was a few cheap shots away from the end of me
Taken for granted, almost everything that I would have died for
Just yesterday,
Just yesterday

Honestly, can you believe we crossed the world while it's asleep?
I'd never trade it in, cuz I've always wanted this!
It's not a dream anymore! Ohhh..
It's not a dream anymore! It’s worth fighting for.

Can't believe we almost hung it up
We're just getting started
I can't believe we almost hung it up
We're just getting started
We're just getting started.

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