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11 November 2009

Challenge Wednesdays

Okay, Tay had some good news for me:


So for Challenge purposes, I lost 3.4 poundages. Woo! I’m still dubious over how I get a loss so quickly from Monday to Wednesday, but whatevs. I have been workin’ hard at the gym both days, that’s for sure!

So the goals of last week were fully met:

Gym 4 times: CHECK!
Swimming: CHECK!
30 Day Shred: CHECK!
Oh, and Laundry!: CHECK! (It was like my closet was a college kid, went on a bender at frat parties at Target and Old Navy and had then ralphed it all up over my room and his roommate’s shoes or something. But not anymore!)

Reflections of the week:

The third day of the gym was a strugggglllllle and I barely made it there, and I only stayed with the help of Food Network’s captivating programming…mostly about pie, if you remember. Ha. I’m not sure if I should set the same fitness goals for this next week. I’ve been worried that if I put too much pressure on myself that eventually I’ll crack and give up. It happened during SWL1 and I don’t want it to happen this time. When it becomes something I have to do or I’m forced to do versus something I’m choosing to do, that’s when I think I start to struggle with it, even if it is the right thing to do. I’m prouder of the choices I make versus the things I’m obligated to do, even if technically the goal setting was a choice in the first place. My mind is fun labyrinth of crazy, is what I’m saying.

This time around I’m really trying to work with myself and my weird perspectives, to make the weight loss work. I think during SWL1 all of a sudden I thought I needed to become this workout/diet machine and immediately change my way of thinking, too. This time, I know better. I’m trying to use my idiosyncrasies (dare I say embrace them) to get this SWL2 to actually be successful. For example: Holding myself accountable. Everyone says it’s better to tell people, right? You’re more likely to succeed if you know people are aware of your efforts. Well, I hate talking about my weight loss. Absolutely hate it. It’s a big source of shame for me: it’s like I’m admitting to people I’m losing weight because I let myself get this big (twice) in the first place. BUT – writing about it is a totally different scenario. It’s always been easier for me to be honest through writing, it feels safer. And knowing that people I don’t know in real life (yet! :-D) are reading (thank you for doing so, by the way, I don’t think this would be working if it weren’t for you lovelies) about my efforts and food choices is just the right kind of motivation for me.

Moooooving on, goals for this week:

*Track the amount of water I drink - I never know how much to actually drink because I’ve read so many different things: 64 oz, divide your weight in half and drink at least that many ounces, or drink when you feel thirsty/there is no minimum. I try and make sure I drink 64 oz and after that I don’t really pay attention. I’m hoping by tracking it will motivate me to drink more, whatever the number may be. Can anyone drop some knowledge about the amount of water I should be drinking!?

*Go out and get some new vegetables! I’m getting close to overdosing on broccoli. I need something different.

Ha, I think that might be it for the week. It’s gonna be a low-key kinda week.


Kathryn Crawford said...

Hey Laura! Awesome loss for the week. Keep on going lady! You inspire me to get my butt to the gym, asap. I really really want to feel better so I can do that without reverting back to being sick!

Katie J said...

I put together a little badge for our competition. It is on my sidebar. Tell me what you think.

Christa said...

Wow! Awesome loss!! :) Your doing so good!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, my first visit to your blog. It's great that you are a goal-oriented person who plans ahead. That is so essential. Best of luck!


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