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08 November 2009

Meal (wo)Men of Genius

As I mentioned in the playlist post, lots to do today. Cleaning and organizing and doing a metric fuck-ton (it's a real measurement, look it up!....okay, don't) of laundry. Trust me, it’s an all day affair. I’ve still got one load to go in the dryer and then I’m all done.

I just got finished with the 30 Day Shred DVD and for some ungodly reason I decided to do Level 2. Who’s got two thumbs and is clearly not ready for Level 2?? THIS GAL.


I phoned in a lot of it, I’m not gonna lie to you. I liked the cardio movements a lot more in this one, but the circuit training was a little overwhelming. Abs were okay, except for the plank nonsense at the end. When I was doing the stretching I felt guilty, like I didn’t deserve the reward of stretching since I didn’t really complete the workout fully.

Alls I know is I’m glad Jillian was on TV and not physically in the room with me. I’d be crying right now.

I already kind of want to after that workout. But you gotta start somewhere, right?


*pumpkin waffle with 1 tbsp honey, ½ a banana sliced
*the other half of the banana!


*18 all-bran crackers
*gala apple


*pizza: (4 pieces! Went overboard here) Made the honey and whole wheat crust, made a spinach pesto sauce to brush on top, then sprinkled chicken and 2 sticks of string cheese that had been grated.

It was pretty good and I was really hungry…or had a heavy case of hand-to-mouth syndrome. I think all in all the ingredients weren’t unhealthy and it certainly isn’t equivalent to eating 4 pieces of Dominoes, but still… Either way, I started out with two pieces which is an adequate portion…and then had two more. *sheepish look*


*cup of cottage cheese
*can of V8

Kept it light since I had a *ahem* bigger lunch.

So, really? Not exactly proud of myself today. Went overboard at lunch, didn't get really any veggies in, and disappointed in my Level 2 Shred performance. Meh.


Foodie Girl said...

My goodness! You deserve that pizza if you had that much laundry to do. hehehe...

Sounds like you made up for it at dinner. Good job!

Sara said...

i did level 2 today too! it was my third time doing level 2, and i definitely do the 'modified' version of a few of those exercises, but i sweat like a mofo. when you go back to level 1 you'll be like 'wow this isn't as hard as i thought'.

Kristin Pizzi said...

Congrats, You were a winner in my zevia giveaway. Can you please email me your address and phone number?

nic said...

Just keep trying with the Shred. It will click for you. It's cheesy, but man does Jillian make a good point with the "This is a 20 minute workout, you wanna workout for 20 minutes? NO resting." (not exactly quote).

I do levels I and II back to back or levels II and III back to back all the time, so it can be done.

Keep up with it. Eventually you'll really appreciate the hardcore 20 minute workout down the line when it's not as easy for your body to burn calories.

Kristina said...

Are you kidding me? You totally deserve the stretching and the pizza! You have been doing such a great job! The fact that your even brave enough to do the DVD with Jilian says something lol! Keep up the good work! Kick the laundrys butt! lol


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