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11 November 2009

The Food Abides (if you get this reference, you are officially, objectively awesome)

Gave myself the day off from exercise. I’m working again tomorrow so I’ll go straight from work, and it shall be (hopefully) good.

You know, for getting all of those vegetables today, I really didn’t eat any. Whoops. I let the mood of the day guide my eating, which amounted to healthy, but hibernation-y food. Like my dinner, for example. If you haven’t had that soup, it tastes exactly like chili. And with a nice piece of crusty bread?! Come on now, it doesn’t get much better than that…when it’s cold and rainy out and all gross, and you get to be inside a warm house with a sweatshirt and thick socks eating a hot, stick-to-your-bones meal. Well, obviously you’re wearing pants too, but that doesn’t play into the imagery here as much, does it?


*pumpkin waffle (this batch is STILL lasting – I only have 2 more though!) with the following on top:
*2 tbsp plain yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp honey, ¼ cup small diced gala apple, sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg
*and then I had the rest of the gala apple


*turkey burger! = patty, slice of grilled eggplant, piece of lettuce, mustard and ketchup on a toasted arnold’s thin

I used this recipe, but substituted regular garlic paste for the roasted garlic, and cut the entire recipe in half and made 4 patties out of 1 lb of 99% fat free – or lean or whatever - ground turkey. I did have a slice of grilled eggplant as the recipe suggests.

This was really good! Really filling too. I didn’t need to eat anything else.


*peppermint hot chocolate (cold and rainy day – perfect for a hot mug o deliciousness)
*1/4 cup veggie crunchers


*one thin slice of homemade whole wheat bread, toasted with I Can’t Believe spray
*pouch of Tastybite Madras Lentils soup

PS: Forgot to add: I drank 80 oz. of water today, not including the water used for the hot chocolate, because, really?


Chai Latté said...

1. BEST title yet. My fave!
2. What if I don't wanna wear pants?! HMM?!

nic said...

Big Lebowski. I am objectively awesome.

SlenderSwan2B said...

80oz whoooo hooooooo!!!!! Water and I have issues. I can only drink it flavored so I cheat in that aspect. but then again at least I am drinking it. SF kool aid in tropical punch is my fav. You know I have a personal interest in your weight loss. :) My coworker could be your twin in stats (2nd week in) and even your picture in orange.

Kathryn Crawford said...

Dude! :) Looks like We're all objectively awesome in here. =) Also, do you mayhaps have a recipe for this pumpkin waffle you speak of? It sounds great!

Foodie Girl said...

Your food always sounds so good! Yummy!


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