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10 November 2009

Foodsie Roll (no, not the candy, the 69 Boyz song. you know you like it!)

Went to the gym again today! Did 14:45ish on the treadmill. So this time I used the one that has the little electronic track/lap counter on it –I did one lap walking, one jogging at 5.0, then half a lap walking, then half a lap at 5.5, then another half a lap walking, then the final half lap at 5.5! A mile in under 15 is pretty good for me at this point, even it was kind of scraped together. It wasn’t fun but I’m glad I pushed myself a little bit.

Then I did weights, and I raised the weight level on all the machines I did! I was determined to be SORE at the end of the workout, but right now I don’t feel much – maybe a little soreness in my arms. After the weights I did some crunches and ab stuff. In total I was at the gym for a little over an hour.

I talked about it on twitter, but while I was on one of the weight machines, after I had done the aforementioned treadmill, a girl at the gym stopped and asked me how I built up my jogging tolerance. My first thought was quite literally “Are you confusing me with someone else? There’s no way you saw me on the treadmill and then decided to ask me that question” but she was sweet, seemed to be about my age and size so we talked for a quick minute. I told her I started out with only a couple of minutes, and every once in a while added time, or cranked up the speed instead. Haha, and I told her I still hated it. I’m not exactly a motivational speaker. But I spent the next couple of reps trying not to smile. I hope I see her there again.

And come to think of it, I guess it’s hard for me to think of that treadmill work today as a tolerance of jogging, because from my perspective, I spent the entire half lap (both times) wanting to stop, looking under the towel every 15-20 seconds, feeling like I was struggling. But maybe it didn’t look that way? Question Mark??

I’ve never been an achiever when it comes to individual fitness so I struggle with giving myself credit for what I can do…if that makes sense. I’m not good at giving myself credit for gym stuff, I guess, unless I pull a Liz from Biggest Loser and pass out on a treadmill or something. Many people including a licensed therapist have told me I hold unrealistic/unattainable expectations for myself and I don’t even know how to think otherwise.

Okay, this is the internet, not a therapist’s couch (I sat in an armchair, there was no couch to lie on) so we’ll just move along!


*cup of shredded wheat with ½ cup skim milk


*chicken salad sandwich on Pepperidge Farm’s Light Style Soft Wheat
*sliced gala apple


¼ cup of the chicken salad plain :-)
½ cup veggie crunchers


*cheesy broccoli pesto bake – I took a few handfuls of broccoli, sprinkled it with a little garlic salt, parmesan cheese, poured the rest (maybe 1/3 of a cup) of my spinach pesto over top, then added 3 string cheeses that had been grated. Baked for 20 minutes.

It was good, but if I’m being honest, a little on the rich (and maybe too salty) side for me! The pesto was the culprit! Meh.


Foodie Girl said...

So you secretly are a fitness guru! I have not been able to make it to the gym to work out, even though I have had a membership for at least a year now. I wish I had someone to go with. It's intimidating for a girl my size to walk in there with those in-shape women. Ugh! Torture!

266 said...

I’m finally trying to catch up!!! It sounds like you have had a couple ups and downs over the past two weeks, but that you are actually handling it all quite well and making excellent decisions in the process! You even had a couple of great losses to boot! Congratulations on winning the giveaway; that’s awesome. Your stink bug incident really had me giggling, by the way! Also, “I might have to go down to the county courthouse today. Because I need to change my middle name to Badass,” nearly made me pee my pants laughing! Thanks for that! Very cool about the girl asking you for advice today too.

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I feel sore well after a workout, when I'm in bed. I was watching a movie before I fell asleep and the littlest movements made me realize how sore my hips/groin (do women have a groin? the inside space between your legs and torso? is that a groin?) were. I should have gotten out of bed and stretched but I waited till morning. I'm still feeling it a bit.

And yes, it's the Susan Hepburn DVD. What did you think about it?

MizFit said...

you must give yourself credit :)
I go too far the other way some days but firmly believe if we DONT ---no one else will!


Kathryn Crawford said...

I totally have that song on my ipod! :) Good job on the treadmill. Ok, gym guru, as soon as I feel like notcrap I am going to the gym to try your 5.0/walk/5.5/walk/5.5 technique. Sounds like a winner. On the track I did 1.5 miles in 20 minutes, I need to make that faster maybe the treadmill will help?

Chai Latté said...

What an amazing encounter at the gym! I'd have been elated if someone asked me that!

I am with you, though. I HATE doing my jogs. Staring at the time, just DYING for it to go faster. It pays off, though! Great job! :)

BEE said...

you should be so proud
your doing an awesome job
i couldnt run on a treadmill if my life depended on it


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