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09 November 2009

Food Looks Like A Lady

Got some temp work today, and I managed to pack healthy food for the day. Score one (or is that two?) for me.

I packed my gym stuff too, and went straight after work to ensure attendance :-) I did a 40 minute course on the elliptical and a 5 minute cool-down, so 45 minutes total on that crazy contraption. I am WIPED! It was a tough one.

Now I’m off to shower, do a little reading and get to bed nice and early. Quite the productive and healthy day.


*toasted pumpkin waffle (plain, took it on the road with me!)
*a bite of the chicken salad I made for lunch because it looked good hehe :-)
*Can of V8


*chicken salad sandwich on an arnold’s thin (chicken salad was just chunk chicken and some light mayo)
*gala apple


*string cheese
*18 all-bran crackers
*serving of baby carrots


*2 servings of steamed broccoli
*1 slice of the pizza from yesterday – added a little more of the spinach pesto and melted 1 stringed-string cheese on top for extra cheesiness!


Foodie Girl said...

Have a nice evening!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Great job all the way around!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

One of these days I'm going to see what this unused elliptical in the basement is all about. If I can't find Jillian Michael's DVD at the library tomorrow we might just give that a shot.

BEE said...

sounds like you did a great job today
keep up the good work

Tamzin said...

lol food looks like a lady. Nice one.

:) I had a phone interview today. Employment... here I come... slowly. :(


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