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11 November 2009

grocery love

I love grocery shopping. I really do. I went today and got some fun healthy things - some to use in recipes, some to try new things, and some just because! I got:

*2 lbs of ground turkey (1 lb was used for today's lunch of turkey burgers, the other lb I'll maybe use for meatballs or some other delicious concoction)
*zucchini and yellow squash
*sweet potatoes
*butternut squash
*turkey pepperoni (this will make an epic sandwich or pizza, I can't wait)
*acorn squash (never had it before! excited to try it - anyone have any good recipes?!)
*onion (totally going to use for my butternut squash/onion/apple mix)
*pomegranate (new experience!)

And I also got the following to make this: (minus the pie filling, I won't be adding that)

*Jello Pudding Sugar/Fat Free pudding in Cheesecake (the recipe calls for vanilla but I'm taking creative license)
*Fat Free Graham Crackers
*8 oz Fat Free Cream Cheese (I normally despise FF cream cheese but for baking/cooking it's fine)

I think that's everything. A good mix of healthy stuff - well, the fat free stuff might not be depending on your definition of healthy. Regardless, it was a nice feeling to be proud of the things in my cart.

I think I've mentioned before that my parents are snowbirds and go down to Florida for the winter - last year they went from January to March. The day after they left I went to the grocery store and bought cake (seriously, a whole cake from the bakery. A WHOLE CAKE), ice cream, cake mix and frosting (because the cake I just bought wasn't enough?), frozen pizza, frozen appetizer things, sugar cereal (I totally bought Trix which I find more hilarious than anything) and chips and...and the list just keeps going. I was excited to go home and just dominate all of it. And believe me, I did.

And look at today's purchases. I was JUST as excited to come home and cook, bake, assemble, what have you, all of my things. And they're purchases I can be proud of and that are GOOD for me. I'm hesitant to say "I'm changed" because you never know what life throws at you and how you're gonna deal with it in that moment, but this sure feels a hell of a lot better. I'm smiling today.


266 said...

Great choices with your shopping and a great weigh-in! Congrats!!!

Lori said...

What a change a year makes!


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