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02 December 2009

Challenge Wednesdays Week 5 Edition

I think Taylor needs to see a Scale Therapist – she might be bipolar.

My weight today?


What is wrong with you, Taylor?! You are so strange!!

So I guess this means I maintained for this most recent Challenge Week. Bizarre.

I still have to face the music for Challenge Wednesdays – my goals were not really met at all.

*keep tracking water (I forgot a couple of days)
*take vitamins everyday (Only took them maybe 2 or 3 times, I forgot)
*do abs work more days out of the week than not (Didn’t do any at all!)
*exercise on Thanksgiving! Sweat it out! CHECK!

One goal out of four.

Hm, for this next week?

*Go back to the gym! I haven’t been since Friday.
*Track water again, and drink MORE of it
*Do the Shred DVD at least once

Here are my Challenge Weigh-Ins so far:

Week #1 11/4/09 (229.8)
Week #2 11/11/09 (226.4)
Week #3 11/18/09 (224)
Week #4 11/25/09 (221.2)
Week #5 12/2/09 (221.2)

An unofficial goal would be to get out of the 220s (and stay out!) in the next couple of weeks. I only have 3 left!


Becca said...

Maintaining after Thanksgiving week is IMPRESSIVE, congrats!

266 said...

Considering the stressful week, I think you did well to maintain! Conrats on that and on your award!

Foodie Girl said...

You can do it! I know you can.


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