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03 December 2009

Make You Meal My Love

It's daily report time.

Vitamins – check!

Water - It's either 120oz or 140oz, I can't remember if I had one or two water bottles this afternoon. Sometimes they all run together and I forget. Either way it's pretty good!

Got myself to the gym today – it was a mini-struggle to do so. Not really sure why. The day started out fairly lazy, as I didn’t get out of bed until 11am. I KNOW.

(So I suppose my “Breakfast” was really closer to lunchtime, but whatever. I can’t just jump on into a lunch-type meal even if I get up at 1 in the afternoon! My first meal of the day needs to be breakfast-y. It just has to.)

I waited until almost 5pm to go. But I got there and did a 40 minute elliptical course (Up/Down Hill) and a 5 minute cool down. I was sweating! (said in Forest Gump “I was running!” voice)


*arnold’s thin with 2 tbsp peanut butter
*can of V8


*cup veggie crunchers


*sandwich: toasted arnold’s thin, tzatziki sauce, roasted red pepper, baby spinach, 3 avocado slices
*baby carrots and hummus (sabra individual size)
*glass/cup of milk


*pizza: arnold’s sandwich thin, 14 pieces turkey pepperoni (7 per side) 3-4 tbsp marinara, 1 stringed string cheese


*Skinny Cow ice cream cone


Dreaming of the New Me said...

At least you got to the gym well done. OMG getting up at 11 I sooooo wish.

Foodie Girl said...

Man do I love those Arnold's Sandwich thins! And I absolutely love the Mission heart healthy tortillas! Anything to make meals easier!


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