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05 December 2009

Meal Like Making Love

Okay, gotta get this up quickly so I can go back downstairs for more football!

Vitamins – check!

Water - 140oz!

Shredded today. Level 1. Man I can tell such a difference between now and when I first did it. Remember I quit 4 minutes in the first time? Yeesh. But now I’m sinking further in my push ups (still on the knees though!) and my butt-kicks are higher and I’m pushing myself more. I still have room to improve in the first level and I’m gonna keep at L1 for a little while longer. I wanna be able to do a real push up!


*cup shredded wheat with ½ cup skim milk and a handful of pom seeds (the last of them! Finally!)


*gala apple
*half a cup of coffee


*the rest of my fajita mix (chicken, onions, red peppers)


*peppermint hot chocolate
*100 calorie bag of 94% fat free kettle corn

(and then like half an hour later...)
*cup of veggie crunchers


*wrap: 100 calorie whole wheat wrap, tuna with mayo, 2 avocado slices, honey mustard, 6 bread and butter pickles, handful of baby spinach, a few diced onions. SO GOOD!

I also tried a new Zevia soda flavor – I tried Root Beer. It was definitely better than the Ginger Ale, but it still has kind of a really really sweet aftertaste that I’m not really sure I like. Especially because I don’t really drink soda anymore, and definitely not regular soda (even though it’s calorie free and whatever else, it’s still even sweeter than Diet Coke or something similar)

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Chai Latté said...

Get right into those real pushups!! Trust me, you CAN do them! Don't try to go so far down, just do the motions, far as you can go. Get up off those knees, you GOT THIS. :)


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