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26 December 2012

12-26 wrap up, and, a brief conversation

so i bought new running/gym shoes today, because my old ones were giving me craaazy hurtz in my arches. once i had a pair selected (with the help of the store guy), i asked:

me: so what's their shelf-life?

store guy: they say about 400-450 miles


store guy: ..........

me: .................

store guy: probably 8 months to a year?

me: sounds good.


lunch: trader joe's bistro salad (kale, edamame, scallions, dried cranberries, toasted almond slivers, and a lemon herb dressing)

snack: fage greek yogurt with strawberry goji

dinner: stir fry with 2 eggs scrambled, with sriracha (the stir fry was made with a little light olive oil and a tbsp or two of soy sauce)


also, i did day one, week 2 of c25k. with  my new shoes! and it was hard. really hard. the final interval, i ran for 15 seconds, caved and walked for 30 seconds, before i finished the final 45 seconds of running. to make myself feel better, i tacked on an extra minute of running after i finished the walking portion and some of my cool down. i can't leave well enough alone.

but i'm happy i went to the gym, and started the second week of c25k, even if it did kick my ass.

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