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28 December 2012


just eatin' mah dinner and bloggin'. on a friday night. i know, i know. i AM that cool.

since i AM that cool, we'll start backwards. dinner first! that's about 5 oz of chicken breast with trader joe's fresh stir fry mix, made with a little bit of lite olive oil and soy sauce. (yep, even the soy sauce is trader joe's brand. so is the chicken. ...i have a sickness.)

moving backwards, before my gym session with the trainer, i ate part of the starbucks' protein box - just the grapes, hard boiled egg and cheese. and yes, i did sprinkle that salt on the egg as i ate it, sodium be damned. some things are worth it, and that is one of them. the starbucks cup is filled with their spearmint green tea.

back, back  back it up: lunch was a (GASP OF ALL GASPS) trader joe's paneer tikka masala meal with half a piece of their tandoori naan.

finally, breakfast was remarkably trader joe's free, for once. a cup of coffee with half and half a fage yogurt cup and an apple (HAHA, WAIT - just as i wrote that, i realized, i got the apple AND the half and half from trader joe's. seriously, i go there once a week. EVERYTHING IS AMAZING)

do you think i can get a "jared the subway guy" type-deal from trader joe's? because, seriously. like everything i eat is from there.

i hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

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Bonita Gordita said...

Everything and nothing to do with your post... but TJ's jalapeƱo cilantro hummus is de beeeeeeest. I just can't even think about how good it is right now without wanting to drive across town for my fix.


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