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26 December 2012

by the way...

last tuesday, i weighed myself and i was at 244. i'm afraid to check this week. i know it will be higher, since, at the very least, my carb intake has gone up so much since saturday.

so, i'm curious to see what it is, but i'm also afraid of shaming myself. i want to stay on top of it but i don't want to place too much emphasis on it. i want to see the damage done but i also DON'T want to see the damage done.

what would you do?

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Bonita Gordita said...

You gotta do what is best for you. I didn't want to hop on, but I knew (for me) I needed to see where I was today. Sometimes the scale can be the worst, but sometimes it can be a helpful tool. It was the latter for me today. I was pleasantly surprised, though. I was expecting it to be much more.

I, too, went a little carb crazy. I FEEL it today.

Best wishes!


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