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27 December 2012

12-27 wrap up

for dinner, as i mentioned earlier, i had thai takeout with friends. i got what i had scoped out on the menu, the "spicy garden" with tofu added. according to the description: "Sauteed mixed fresh vegetables in a spicy bean sauce" - and then i added tofu, because, delicious. the veggies were baby corn, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, i think i maybe saw an onion possibly, and mushrooms.

it was probably two servings but i ate the entire thing because i was starving - it had been about 7 hours since i last ate, poor planning on my part. but at least it was all veggies (and tofu).

oh and i drank about half of a diet coke, but mostly just drank water.

i also did week 2 day 2 of c25k today. it was much easier today than it was yesterday. tomorrow will be a session with the trainer, so that'll be....challenging, as it always is.

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