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26 December 2012

by the way, part two

i totally caved. i looked.


the good: it's not as high as i thought it would be.

the bad: 247.4

the good: i'm back on track so far today**, and it feels pretty easy.

the bad: i haven't exercised since last thursday.

the good: **so far today:

cup of pumpkin spice coffee with half and half, and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with however many red seedless grapes that is.

the bad: i totally should have titled last/this post "by the WEIGH" - how did i miss that opportunity?!

the good: i'm feeling better about myself these days.

the bad: christmas sometimes feels lonely for me . once i got the taste of dating someone during the holidays (that was all the way back in 2010) it's hard to go from that to back to single again. even if i feel better about myself, it still isn't fun to not have someone to go home to. i find christmas lights extremely romantic, damnit!

the good: the gift i got my parents made my mom cry :) granted, she's a crier, so i could have made her a macaroni necklace and she probably would have welled up, but, still.  :) happy christmas!

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