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25 December 2012

the rest of 12-24 and 12-25!

well, once again, no pictures. i would say i took a break with healthy eating, especially today.

so rounding up christmas eve, last night for dinner, we went to our family friends' house and i had:

(appetizers) crackers, cheese, dip (i would say 10 crackers maybe, with as many slices of cheese? maybe less? i'm not sure)
two glasses of champagne

dinner: glass of red wine, and a piece of beef tenderloin (5-6 oz probably?) 2/3 a cup of mashed potatoes, spinach salad, and broccoli casserole. i *think* that was it...i feel like i'm missing something though.

the dessert i mentioned yesterday? i had two bites that i stole from my family friend's plate ;-) it was more like, we said we'd share, and i made him eat most of it. i feel/felt fine about it.


breakfast: coffee with milk, and i had half of a cinnamon bun (non-iced), and two eggs over-medium with ketchup.

lunch: two hot dogs (in potato bread buns) with ketchup, and like 3 handfuls of kettle cooked potato chips with ranch dressing, and a diet root beer

"snack" aka "a relapse in compulsive eating": sad nachos, made with white corn tortilla strips and mexican four cheese blend, and a diet coke. even as i was eating it, i knew it was wholly unnecessary and out of boredom.

right before dinner, i ALMOST had a slice of the leftover pie from yesterday, but i changed my mind. i had one sole white chocolate peppermint m&m instead. shrug.

dinner: beef stroganoff with about 1/2 cup "dirty" rice, with about 1 cup of the beef/sauce part. and julienned carrots with basil and butter, romaine lettuce/cucumber/avocado salad with poppyseed dressing, and two crescent rolls.


i had a wonderful christmas day, and i am hoping that tomorrow i won't feel too out of sorts about going back to salads, healthy things, a LOT less carbs, etc. thankfully I still feel okay about no/very little sugar so i don't anticipate that being a problem. also, mind you, i am fully aware that alcohol often can have a fair bit of sugar, but, i'm fine to just restrict myself on desserts :)

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