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29 December 2012


i got through it (so far, it's only about 7:30 right now) - another weekend, another hotbed of opportunities to compulsively eat. it's crazy how i didn't think about it a single bit this week, but then it's the weekend and i had "those feelings" again. i suppose i felt a little bit stronger than previous weeks, but, they're still there. luckily, a VERY long nap and a quick grocery store outing (ahem, trader joe's) helped to alleviate the thoughts.

anyhoodle, here's the 411 on the eats today. you know, if it were 1997 and that's how i talked.


two eggs, two apple maple chicken sausage links, and a crapload of grapes.

protip: when you ask your parents to pick you up some grapes from costco, BE READY TO EAT A LOT OF GRAPES.

post-gym snack (i did week 2 day 3 of c25k today) - gala apple and however much peanut butter that is

lunch: paneer tikka masala with half a piece of naan

dinner: 4-5 oz chicken with stir fry mix! (made with light olive oil and a little bit of soy sauce)

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