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31 December 2012

the last day of 2012

hi guys. thought i'd get breakfast/lunch/snack in, since i have a busy rest of the day!

breakfast was the usual, 1/2 cup cottage cheese and red seedless grapes.

*i don't have lunch pictured, b/c i was eating with coworkers, but i had a trader joe's reduced guilt macaroni and cheese frozen meal, and a small plate of salad with maybe 1-2 tbsp italian dressing (the office had a pizza party. i brought my own main dish but did have some of the salad they ordered)

...and i am currently wolfing this snack down, to try and get some energy in my before i go to the gym in about 30 minutes. crappy lighting, but i think you can still make out the gala apple all chopped up, with however much peanut butter that is (pb&co's mighty maple, natch)

i'm off to reston (about 40 mins from where i live) for new years at a friend's place - there will be about 8 of us ringing in the new year together. we're having a potluck, playing games, drinking (obvi) and wearing sparkly headbands!

**my prediction is that it'll start out with just the girls wearing them, but at some point, the menfolk will have had enough drinks and there will be a photoshoot with dudes in sparkly headbands. i've known these people for 15 years, i'm pretty sure it's going to happen. and i can't wait.**

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