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05 January 2013


so, to catch us up to today, here's the goings on.

i went to the gym for a bit and did c25k, week 3 day 2. but i slowed the hell down and was able to do it just fine. it was a little challenging but i made it. i had been running at 5.0, but slowed down to 4.7 and it was much better. still doing the walking intervals at 3.0.

so on to the meals. i actually am not entirely pleased with my eating today, although it's been healthy things. i skipped breakfast, and by the time i was home to eat something, it was lunchtime and i just went with a salad (with chicken added, of course). and my dinner was very carb-heavy. so, meh. i prefer to be more well-rounded than this.

breakfast/lunch: trader joe's southwest salad with 5 oz chicken breast added:

a snack later on in the day, fage greek yogurt cup, with mango guasomethingorother

dinner was a piece of naan with smartbalance, and trader joe's garden vegetable lasagna.


Christa Weltz said...

Its always hard to eat breakfast! I am not a big morning eater. Some people at work like to warm up their dinners from the night before and it makes me sick to my stomach! Your doing great! :)

safire said...

Some people can skip breakfast but I can't start my day without it.

Good for your with your workouts! I'm itching to get back to normalcy after I fly back to the US on wednesday! HAPPY NEW YEAR


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