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01 January 2013


well, being hungover isn't a great way to start a new year, but hell, i had fun getting there at least!

to wrap up yesterday, after i left work, i went to the gym to do week 3 day 1 of c25k...i mostly got through it. the last 3 minute stretch of running, i cheated - i ran for a minute (at a slower pace), then walked a minute, then ran the last minute (at the pace i'm trying to keep) - and then after a few minutes of walking, i ran another 45 seconds, just because. the three minutes was a LOT harder than i thought it would be. i have a long way to go before i consider myself a runner. but you have to start somewhere.

so on to new year's eve, i ate and drank plenty! there were cheese and crackers, lasagna, lamb chops (yeah, my friends are fancypants), champagne, red wine, more champagne, bacon-wrapped sausages, a few different phyllo dough appetizers, and olive tapenade with crostini. DELICIOUS. i don't regret a thing...except for maybe those last couple glasses of champagne.

anyhoodle, unsurprisingly, today has been pretty low key. i also gave myself permission to eat whatever i damn well please. i've been doing just that (but not a lot, you'll see) and watching once upon a time on netflix.

1. i had a piece of toast with homemade (not by me, though) raspberry rhubarb jam. i also had a cup of coffee with half and half but i forgot to take a picture.

2. two smartones cheeseburgers. yep.

3. since it basically has enough calories in it to be a meal, i had a green machine naked drink!

4. whenever i'm hungover or sick, the spicy bowl noodles are my JAM.

i also am drinking a powerade but didn't take a picture, you know what that looks like.

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