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02 January 2013

i did something

i'll put up the daily food stuff later, but i wanted to tell you all that i did something (crazy) today...and i WILL be doing something. soon-ish. only two people in my real life know i did it.

i signed up for a half-marathon today. 

it's the alexandria running festival - the start/finish is about a 5 minute drive from my apartment.

it's on may 26th.

may 27th is my 30th birthday.

am i the world's most inexperienced runner? YES. have i ever run a race before, ever? NO. but i want to complete it, and this little voice inside of me says i can. so i'm going to try.

my friends and i also signed up for a 5K on february 10, so that'll be a good mini-goal. my only goal with that race is to run the whole time...even if my running pace is the same as someone who is walking :-P

from there, i'll still have my trainer sessions once a week, which will help with crosstraining. and i've done some research on training programs to give me a good sense of per-week mileage, and running groups in the area, once i feel more comfortable with running.

believing in myself and having confidence in myself are just as foreign to me as running 13.1 miles - so i'm hoping i can train for both over the next 4-5 months.

a half marathon the day before my 30th birthday.

holy shit, what have i done?

1 comment:

SweatyGirl said...


This is incredible.
You're amazing, and you can do it!!


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