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02 January 2013


day two of 2013, and we're back in business. with eating healthfully and also as i mentioned in my last post...i signed up for a half marathon (in may), the day before my 30th birthday.

next week i leave for new york city for a week; my organization's annual conference is there, and we all go - i packed my running shoes (my old pair) to take with me, so i'm hoping i'll be inspired to keep training even during this crazy hectic week (we work 12-15 hour days). but we'll see.

anyway, on to today's food.

breakfast was two eggs and some salsa. this picture is terrible, but the food was tasty.

lunch was a smartones - rigatoni in vodka cream sauce, and i added 4-5 oz chicken breast.

snack was a gala apple!

for dinner i made stir fry, with a little bit of lite olive oil and reduced sodium soy sauce. i took a before and after picture, because, do you see the before picture? it's like, would you like a few other vegetables with your gigantic onion? i like onion so no worries, but...yeesh. a little diversity wouldn't kill you.

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