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06 December 2009

More Than a Mealing

Vitamins – check!

Water – After this final refill, I’ll be at 132oz!

Went to the track today…and ran in the SNOW! We got about 4 inches yesterday and the track obviously hadn’t been cleared off. It was kinda fun. At least the idea of it was fun. The second mile really had me feeling like a Strugglesaurus, but I did my three miles, alternating running and walking. I have no idea how long it took me because my iPod ran out of juice after the first mile! That was definitely a second accomplishment: continuing without the distraction/aid of my iPod.

Speaking of running - I have a question for all of you. I am asking for new running/gym shoes for Christmas, and I will get to pick them out. What do you all run/jog/workout in? I want shoes that have a LOT of cushioning and support. Brand doesn't matter. What type of shoe, brand, etc. do you like? Tell me please!

Okily Dokily, on to the meals:


*plain bagel with 1.5 tbsp 1/3 fat cream cheese (clocked in around 310 calories! bagels are calorietacular)


*gala apple
*can of V8
*wrap: 100 calorie whole wheat wrap, tuna with mayo, 2 avocado slices, honey mustard, 10 bread and butter pickles, big handful of baby spinach, a little bit of diced onion. SO GOOD!

Dinner: (kept it light since I was planning on dessert too!)

*half a gala apple (was planning on eating the whole thing but it was kinda mushy and I hate mushy apples...blech)
*cup (maybe a little more) of cottage cheese


*skinny cow ice cream cone


Karen said...

Yay for running shoes! Finding the right pair of running shoes for your feet is essential and can make all the difference...I had foot/hip pain when running until I figured out my shoes were wrong.

I urge you to find a running store in your area to get an assessment of your feet and what type of shoes are right. Most places will do this for free as part of their service to you.

If you don't do that, at least use the guide on Zappos for running shoe fit (Can't post the link here for some reason; just google "Zappos running shoe fit guide" and it's the first thing) and match your foot shape to one of them and look at the recommended shoes.

Have fun!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I agree with Karen up there-find a store and let them tell you what to wear.

However, I have a pair of Nike Shox with springs. I'm not sure what kind of Shox, exactly, but I love love love them. I also paid a small fortune for them but I think they were worth it.

Anonymous said...

I love my asics - they are really supportive and typicall run under $100. Disclaimer: They run on the narrow side.

Also agree it is best to get fitted at a running store. There is a place right in Alexandria, VA that is great, it's called Pacers and they are super helpful and nice!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Ok, I wear Brooks men's running shoes. I went to a specialty store and for my feet that is what I need. But I've heard good things about asics. I say you should go to a store that specialized in running and let them help you. They will watch you run and all and find the perfect shoe for you.

Ashley said...

The store that fits you for running shoes should watch you run and then bring you out a bunch of pairs to try on. I wear Nike Air Peagus, which is generally one of the softer more cushion-y ones. I also recommend Pacers in Alexandria, VA or Falls Road Running Company in Baltimore, MD.

Greta from said...

I picked up a pair of Mizunos at an outdoor street fair this summer...for $40 (they cost alot more usually)...and I love them. I hardly ever wear my asics now. When I get new shoes, I will get these again. They say X10 on the bottom..I do not see any other name or style on them.

I recomment going to a good running store, though, and being fit, depending on your stride, etc. Those folks know a lot!

AND....GOOD FOR YOU for running in the snow!!! YOU GO GIRL!!


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