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05 September 2009

Are you ready for some...

I wanted to get something in quickly today before I set off on an adventure! Also, blogging (or reading a blog!) is an excellent way to avoid doing the things you should really be doing, like for example a metric fuck-ton of laundry and cleaning – my bedroom looks like a swamp of clothing. It is not cute.

I’m embarking on a two hour drive to a friend’s house for Hokie Game Day! Yes, I am a Virginia Tech Alum, and one who goes nuts over football, at that. I’m meeting some old college friends that I haven’t seen in a while – there certainly won’t be any “reveals” today, but that’s okay. Sometimes when I’m facing these social circumstances I dread them, because they are the exact opposite of reveals: “Hey, look at how much weight I’ve gained!! I’ve really been working hard to achieve this bod, yeaahhhhh” and it’s embarrassing. One time in college I made up a phony excuse not to come home because we had a family member visit and I didn’t want that exact scenario to play out. It did again anyway at my college graduation, but that’s another sob story. Anyway, maybe that’s another little motivation, Not Hiding. It seems so silly, but I know you know what I’m talking about!

My biggest worry about today is the fare that goes along with foodball (typo, I swear to god, but it’s staying). I know my friend is grilling, so I’m guessing there will be hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. And I’m in charge of my own drinks, which, for a foodball game usually means beer.

(That second foodball I did it on purpose, and I’m totally keeping it! Like, “foodball! Arghhh!”*shakes fist* because it’s all about the challenge of being good to yourself and your health but enjoying the football rituals. It’s a new term, I’ve decided.)

Here’s my general gameplan to handle today responsibly, but still eat some football-fare. I’m going to snack/graze all day, not have two full meals before I go (I’m leaving after lunch), but have an egg here, some cottage cheese there, an apple at another location that isn’t here or there, you get the idea. And on the way down, I’m going to munch on carrots and celery. So that when I get there I’m not starving and I won’t dive headfirst into a plate of cheeseburgers.

For drinks, I think I’m gonna give MGD64 a try. I have a more refined beer palate than MGD, but, you can’t beat the 64 calories, and it’s something I can track – it’s right there in the name! Genius. And even in the unlikely event I knock back all six, (if we play the “Drink Like You’re Still In College!” game, which as we all know, even the winner loses) that’s only 384 calories. Now I say only, because if they were regular beers, that number would double. It’s a good compromise.

I don’t want to think of it in terms of “letting loose” or “enjoying myself” because that isn’t the right mindset to have – I can still relax and enjoy myself while being moderately healthy. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and I definitely want a life where they aren’t.

I’m off to do laundry (ugh) and clean (ew) and watch the Hokies play! (YAH!)

Happy Foodballing to all!

PS: Sorry the post is parentheses-heavy, but that’s basically how my brain works, even when I’m not writing. I’ll be talking or thinking, and my train of thought does a 180 and I’ll be off on a tangent for who knows how long. I like to think of it as a character trait, like quirky or goofy. Some might call it ADD (no one in an official position to do so, has, though – HAH! See, I can’t even avoid parentheses when I’m apologizing for using parentheses too much). Whatever.

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