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04 September 2009


Okay, I know my food choices/times are speaking for themselves, but I seriously don’t eat this little. I really don’t. But I’m having more (but still healthy) food to try and make up for the fact that this is my second meal of the day, and I’ll only maybe have a little snack later. I’m thinking, Harry Potter and some fat free popcorn. WOO FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY!!!!

My dinner is colorful and visually appealing. And healthy. I would take a picture and post it, but, again, I cannot find my camera. Nertz.

I’m having a salad with spinach, blueberries, Almond Accents slivered almonds, a little bit of plain yogurt as dressing, and then a sprinkling of Splenda, because, plain yogurt is not tasty on its own. If I had vanilla flavored yogurt (Dannon’s Light and Fit Vanilla is really good) I would have used that.

So: fun salad, and I’m also having some more of my chicken/craisin/apple concoction from yesterday. And a glass of milk.

I also took a fish oil gelcap or supplement or, whatever the technical term is. Vitamin? Anyway, I’ve heard those are good for you, so I’m seeing what happens. Heart benefits, yadayada, but ooh, shinier hair and stronger nails? Sign me up!

MMM: I just had a bite of the salad. Verdict: Delish. I got the idea from a friend who had gotten a similar salad from Whole Foods. I think hers also had some nuts, and/or sunflower seeds, or flaxseed or something, and there was also arugula in hers. But I improvised with what I had!

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