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25 September 2009

Food (apparently there is a movie called 'Screwed' so my food-stitution kind of works...okay I'm just not creative tonight!)


*Muesli/granola mix: 1 packet (two bars) crushed up Nature Valley Oats N Honey granola bars, blueberries, slivered almonds, 2 tbsp of plain yogurt and a drizzling of honey.


*2 tbsp peanut butter
*Can of V8


*Bowl of Madras Lentils soup

Delectable. It tastes like chili, but it’s vegetarian and spicy and pretty healthy, with lots of protein and fiber. Though the sodium is maybe a tad high. That’s one thing I’ve been paying attention too lately, but I don’t even really know how much I should have/figure into my day. Hmm. Any sodium watchers out there?

*Tuna and roasted red pepper sauce.

Twas okay. It was better last time when I added a LCL wedge in there.

I also had a cup of green tea today - I went to Starbucks to catch up with a friend from grad school. We had a good time and I was proud of myself to sticking to green tea amidst delicious pastries and sugary coffee drinks.
Not much else is going on. I'm just trying to refrain from freaking out too much in these last few days before The Family gets here. I just...can't. I know my emotions are running a little high but right now I am just dreading next week like you wouldn't believe.

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