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25 September 2009

Food Where's My Car?

Just a late kind of day all around! It’s almost 2:30 and I’m just getting in. One of my best friends is visiting for two weeks and I picked her up from the airport and then we went straight to some friends’ apartment to watch Grey’s, play Wii and be silly and watch YouTube. It’s how we roll. Good times – and according to my “10 Things About Me”, tonight checked off two! Airports AND my group of friends! Nicely done.

Now onto the food…meh. I got up late today, and food wasn’t on my mind until after I got home from getting my suit jacket, so I didn’t eat anything until 1pm today. Yeesh. Not good! So for lunch I had:

*toasted piece of whole grain bread
* ½ a cup of yesterday’s southwestern mix with ½ a stringed string cheese melted on top
*Can of V8
*Half an apple

It was okay. I ate the other half of the string cheese on its own. It was good. Those little string cheese things come in handy for melting stuff. The whole thing is only 80 calories.


*the rest of my chicken salad, about 1/2 of a cup (chicken, LCL wedge, craisins, diced apple
*tuna melt using: arnold’s sandwich thins, LCL wedge spread on top, about 1/3 a cup of tuna, and a stringed string cheese melted on top.
*glass of milk
*1/2 a cup of steamed broccoli

I took the advice of Ms. 266 ;-) and had some protein, and the broccoli. It definitely made me feel better! I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be back on track with regularly schedules meals/snacks and everything. I am thankful that I didn’t go crazy with food…when I was looking for my suit jacket, I stopped in Target (to see if they had anything) which was always my go-to place to buy chocolate and candy and Little Debbie stuff and stuff my face and then stash it under my bed…what’s up, closet eating! It was not good. Anyway, my brain, for just half a second, went to the idea of getting stuff, but I quickly pushed it out.

Temptation came again later in the evening in the form of Five Guys…for anyone who doesn’t know about the insane tastiness that is Five Guys…ask someone you know on the east coast. The burgers are SO GOOD and they literally give you a mountain of fries, and they are real potato and delicious. And the greasiest. They serve it to you in a brown paper bag and before you can get it home the bag is transparent from the grease soaking through. Gross, but the food is just. so. good.

We stopped there in between the airport and our friends’ apartment so my visiting friend could get some food. I walked in there with her, but made sure to leave my wallet in the car. And when we got to the apartment I made some 94% fat free popcorn, and shared it with everyone, so I only ended up having a little. I’m proud of myself that I resisted because her food smelled SO GOOD and even driving home my car still smelled like delicious heaven! Come to think of it, I should have driven with my windows down…but I didn’t. Anyway, it was a fun but long night, and now bed!

Oh PS – FAKE OUT on that job interview. They called me at 6:30pm this evening to tell me they were canceling the interviews because they had an internal candidate with whom they sped up the interview process and hired that person. Before they even talked to anyone else. Such is life. Le sigh. I’m totally keeping the suit jacket I bought though. And can I tell you the most irritating part of this whole thing? Couldn’t they have told me before I had to fill out that pesky ten page application with my employment history for the past ten years? I loathe those applications. Grrr! Oh well. On to bigger and better things, hopefully soon.


266 said...

Glad the protein and veggies helped. Good for you with no closet eating! I love your idea of leaving the wallet in the car, by the way… I will definitely be using that trick. Sorry the job didn’t pan out, but something will happen for you soon.

Miz said...

**sorry about the job stuff**

and love the wallet in car idea as it's one I use now as well.

that way even when I REALLLY WANNA CAVE---I honesty cant!

unless I get em to accept the barter system :)

have a great weekend.


Tina said...

WOW I wrote about Five Guys today! Had a burger last night. Not a little one either! I was awesome I must admit!

Christa said...

Oh girl!!! Five Guys burgers is the best!! Good job resisting the temptation! On the west coast it is the In and Out Burger...on the east coast Five Guys is the best! :)

Sorry about the job thing...I feel your pain..I am still looking for a job too...

Natasha said...

Sorry to hear about your job interview. That's terrible.

I was just reading your goals (in your sidebar) and they totally made me smile. I really need to write down some specific goals this weekend. I'm floundering a bit in that department.


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