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26 September 2009

I'm on the lam...

That’s right…I’m on the LAM. Losers.Above.Measurements!

As I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post and exhaustively mentioned in other posts, I am freaking out just a tiny bit about The Family’s arrival. And by “just a tiny bit”, I mean my anxiety could power Tokyo for a solid three years.

I had a rare moment of self-…actually, I don’t know what the term would be really, but I mean to say, I momentarily felt that I need to do right by myself emotionally this week. And it really is ridiculous that I would let The Family define me, especially by something like my size. I should define me – and certainly not by my size. Or weight. Or measurements.

So, I think I need a little reminding. Sometimes we all do. I’m going to spend all week repeating and rereading the paragraph below so I don’t forget. I already feel better. Even if all of it isn’t 100% ingrained in my mind or soul or even just a fraction of my pinky finger, I’m gonna rock the always popular Fake It Til Ya Make It strategy!

I am: Kind. Good with animals. Funny. Caring. Understanding. Goofy. I love: The arts. My dog. Voting (geeky pleasure of mine). Photographs. Water. London. Cooking. Learning. My friends. My parents. Reading. Writing. DC. I am loved by: My friends. My parents. My dog. I have goals and I am working my ass off to achieve them even when it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I had the courage to quit my job and pursue something I care about. I paid for my own Masters degree. I can fold a fitted sheet!

All of these things that make up ME, and not a single one having anything to do with the number on the scale or the width of my hips - even though like Shakira, they don't lie. Of course this is not to say that measurements aren’t helpful ways of monitoring progress – I mean, the name of the effing blog is 100in12! But I just…need to focus on these things this coming week. A person can only make you feel bad if you let them, right? I won’t be defined by the size of my jeans, and if someone tries to, that is their personal problem and I feel sorry that they can only think so shallowly and narrowly.

Are YOU on the LAM!? Hehe. (I don’t even want to tell you how I thought of this. My train of thought is exactly like the commercials.)


Natasha said...

You can fold a fitted sheet? I am so jealous!

I really like this post. I often put too much emphasis on my size when it comes to evaluating myself as a person. And you're right, that's not what really defines me as a person. I have a lot going on.

I think I am going to sit down and write my own "I AM" statement and post it somewhere to remind myself that my weight isn't everything.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog - I'm trying to lose weight and think you have a great sense of humor!


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