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24 September 2009

Not enough energy to finish the sente

Man. I just have no energy to do anything today. I got enough sleep, so maybe it's the food? I have felt like I haven't been eating enough fresh fruits and veggies as of late, especially today. I had three things to do today, and I did them, but yeeesh. Barely.

My first task was finishing a job application that I have to take to my interview tomorrow, and the second was finding a suit jacket for said interview. Application finished. And I found a reallll cheap (but nice looking) suit jacket at Macy’s. The one I already own is a size 12...needless to say it doesn’t fit. I don’t particularly like the idea of buying more clothing when I am only going to (knock on wood) lose weight and hopefully never see the size again, but…sometimes you just gotta do it. And there is always tailoring, down the line. The one I got is $30 bucks, simple, black, and works with all the other business professional stuff I have. And it was in a size 20. Which, if math has taught me anything, is less than a size 24. I think my pant-size is probably still 24 or maybe a stuffed-sausage-casing-resembling-22. But it was nice to see that 20! And, one day, it’ll be nice to never see that 20 again, eh?

Third task: gym. I went to the gym, but barely. I just walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes at an embarrassingly leisurely pace, save for 10 minutes when I walked a little faster and cranked the incline up to 4.5 – I usually just keep it on 1.0, no matter if I’m jogging or walking – I still sweated a little bit but it didn’t energize me or make me feel any better.

Three things, and it felt like I was moving through molasses. I can't even muster up the energy to be annoyed with myself for complaining.


Natasha said...

I'd like to see pictures of the suit :)

266 said...

But you still did all those things! Try to increase the produce like you suggested and maybe consider a touch more protein as well. You're doing great!

Walking Queen said...

But you still went to the gym! Good for you! I had to go shopping for new walking shoes and I felt the same way-I almost threw in the towel due to lack of energy.


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