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21 September 2009

Foodys Food for Love


*Egg subst. with ketchup
*Granola/muesli mix

The mix was: two Nature Valley Oats N Honey bars (two bars are in one packet) crumbled, blueberries, Almond Accents Slivered Almonds, 2 tbsp plain yogurt and a drizzling of honey, all mixed up. It was really good!


*Strawberries (9 of them, counted this time!)
*Chicken salad (same as yesterday) sandwich with baby spinach on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin
*Glass of milk


*Veggie/chicken sauté (? - I have such a hard time describing/naming things I eat. Apologies.)
*Can of V8

I’ve made the sauté before but I changed it up a little bit this time. I started by sautéing onions and minced garlic, then I added some chopped red cabbage, and then a big handful of baby spinach. I let it all cook down and meld and what not, then added a tbsp of black bean cooking sauce (Kame makes the kind I used) all while I cooked chicken, chopped it into little chunks, and then folded it into the sauté. It was easy and good!

Oh, and I did laundry today. Boo. Yah. A very productive and healthy day. PLUS, in about 20 minutes from now I’m going to a family friend’s kid’s high school (my old high school, actually….WEIRD) volleyball game. Random I know, but I’m excited to see everyone that’s going and it’s the only reason I would ever step foot inside my old high school at this point. I don’t really ever see the very limited family I have outside of my parents, so the people we’ve known here in my town are much more like family to me for the most part. I’m looking forward to seeing them and cheering on their daughter whom I wholeheartedly adore.

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Katie J said...

I have awarded you the Honest Scrap Award!


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