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25 September 2009

Unusual Cravings

Here are some foods that I’ve been wanting recently:

*Cottage cheese (we ran out last week and I can’t stand it!)
*Every kind of squash ever…yellow, butternut, acorn, zucchini, you name it
*Baked Apples (OMG WANT)

Can I point out that these things are all HEALTHY?! Weird. Sometimes it surprises me how normal this feels to eat this way. It makes me feel good and 99% of the time it isn’t difficult. I fear getting too cocky because last time around I was. I said “I’m at [this weight] for the last time, never looking back” and I said “Under 200, never going there again”. And then I did. So I’m hesitant to feel confident in myself…it feels too easy right now. Sometimes I wonder if I’m still in the honeymoon phase of my weight loss, or if I’m finally getting down to business, because I already know what to do as I’ve been through it a million times. Am I really serious this time or is it just running on weight loss adrenaline and emotions?

Don’t get me wrong, though – I won’t spend my time thinking about it, because that’s what usually gets me in trouble. I’m just going to keep taking it one meal or snack at a time and that’s all I can do, with the occasional meal-planning-ahead. For example, I’m going to Cheesecake Factory next week with a bunch of people, and I’m trying to do some menu-scoping, though the nutritional value is hard to come by. There’s a Pear and Endive salad in their “weight management” section that looks pretty good…any suggestions?

And now, this:



Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

That's great that the foods you are craving are so healthy! I love apples, and baked are my favorite.

Chubby Stubby Kay said...

Holy Hell, I absolutely LOVE Glee! It seriously makes me giddy, LoL.

I thought it was completely weird when my body started craving health food. I mean usually I wanted chips and Mountain Dew. NEVER would I think I would crave fresh green peppers or watermelon, LoL.

I am LOVING your blog! I have been MIA lately, so I have tons of blog reading to catch up on. I apologize for taking so long to actually leave a comment.

Stay Fab-U-Less!



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