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21 September 2009

The weigh you make me feel.



That's a 1.2 loss. Not bad! I think for the 100 in 12 to work out I need to lose something like 2.2 or 2.3 pounds a week, but I'm still on track because the past two or three weeks have been bigger losses.

Other things on my mind:

1: Did you know that even if - ahem - WHEN I complete my '100 in 12' goal, I'll still be 20 pounds overweight according to the BMI scale? I mean, I'll take 20 pounds over 120 pounds any day, but still interesting. I don't even know what to think about, and maybe I had a point to go along with this but I seem to have forgotten it. Maybe it's because...

2: I have a bug bite on my left cheek. (face cheek, pervs!) It itches, but my biggest issue is the idea that while I was sleeping some giant insect was just sitting on my face going to town like an all you can eat buffet. It gives me the creeps.

3: I feel like I've been really negative as of late. Sorry! I'm a cheerful and goofy person and sometimes I don't deal with anxiety well, especially when it relates to how I look! Enter: Working out more intensely, leaving it all on the gym floor. I know it'll help! And you all don't need to read a negative blog, for all the positivity I get from reading your blogs. Seriously, they are great, and at the end of all this, I'm gonna owe a lot of my success to blogging and reading your blogs. For realsies.

4: In about 20 minutes from now I'm making a phone call to set up another interview this Thursday or Friday! Yah! And you better believe I'm gonna study my ass off for this one!

5: Question - the Tracker I have on the side there, it's set up so that I need to weigh that amount at the beginning of the month. I weigh myself on Mondays. I usually give myself four weeks per month, obviously. Does this mean I should have my "official" weigh in on the 28th of September or the 5th of October? Help!

6: Lists make me feel so much better.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

The tracker question reminded me of how they count pregnancy weeks. It's 9 months, but 40 weeks - so what do you count, weeks or months (by the 15th or whatever?)

For your weight tracker, I think I'd do weeks, but if staying on the same day of the month makes you happier, then go that route!

Good luck on those interviews that will be coming up.

Christa said...

Good job!!! Your doing great!

lyricgirl said...

Great job on your weight reduction.


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