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29 October 2009

EFood in C Minor

I might have to go down to the county courthouse today.

Because I need to change my middle name to Badass.

Not only did I swim today, but I did the 30 Day Shred too. One, I haven’t done either in at least three weeks. Two, I did BOTH on the same day and usually I stick to just one.

I went to the pool and swam for 20 minutes. I would have liked to go for 10 more, but a lady kind of wedged her way into our lane without asking and three people to one lane (when we all had very different paces) is just too many. So I decided to not be selfish with my 20 minutes and hopped on out.

That extra ten minutes was kinda bugging at me so I decided to cowboygirl up and do the DVD too. As I said I haven’t done it in maybe three weeks – so sweat was pouring out of me. I mean that quite literally. I was doing the DVD and I could feel the beads of sweat running down me – and afterwards, too. Never has anything been so disgusting and awful and gratifying all at the same time. I came upstairs panting and my dog was like “What’s your deal?”

My legs are sore already. I secretly love it.


*cup of milk
*egg scramble: ½ a cup egg subst., a couple handfuls of baby spinach cooked down, diced red peppers, 1 LCL wedge, sprinkling of pepper, ¼ a cup of salsa


*wrap: large whole wheat wrap, tuna, baby spinach, 1 LCL wedge, 1 stringed string cheese and melted/grilled on the ol’ GFG. (George Foreman Grill for the uninitiated)


*diet coke
*two grilled pita wedges dipped in hummus (lightly dipped)
*grilled chicken pesto panini: “Grilled marinated chicken breast, roasted peppers and grilled zucchini with our basil pesto.” Served with:
*baked lavash chips and about 10 grapes

I went out to dinner to meet up with an old high school friend of mine and her husband – we went to this Greek/Mediterranean place and I got the above. I knew the pesto would be the most outrageous part of the meal – it actually seemed kind of greasy in a way. I ate one half of the sandwich, and about half of the second half (1/4, if math has taught me anything) and then picked out the chicken from the remaining ¼ of the sandwich and ate that. I ate about half the “chips” and all of the grapes.

I actually felt kind of guilty about the panini once I saw/tasted how greasy the pesto made it seem. So I’m glad I didn’t eat it all and since the place we went doesn’t give nutritional info, I hope it didn’t wreck all the good work I did earlier. I deliberately kept the rest of the day light so hopefully it wasn’t for nothing.

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A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Awesome job kicking exercise in the ass!

My fiance watched me do 30 Day Shred a couple of times and was joking how girlie it was. So I had him do it with me. Ohhh about 4 minutes in he was screaming at Jillian calling her an evil b^tch!


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