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26 October 2009

Losing My Weigh

Monday morning, we meet again. My old frenemy The Scale and I had the following conversation this morning:

Me: Hey, what do I weigh now?

Scale: 234.4

Me: K Thanks, bye!

Scale: ...... (it's a scale, he/she can't talk)

What did you expect, JackSh*t-calibur wit and creativity? Ha! Nope.

But anyway, 234.4! That's good! I'm lucky I kepy my eating under control. But also, I think the .8 loss from last week was probably a little more than that, and it was more evenly distributed from these two weeks. Maybe water weight or a funky scale moment or something.

Regardless, I'm down 3.4 pounds this week! And I'm also gonna go ahead and move on to the next month, because I'm fidgety and I like to move on, plus I can italicize/green-font-ify that next mark, and who doesn't like doing that!? And maybe I'll give myself that extra week for November as the holidays roll around - though, as I read on somebody's blog whom I'm now forgetting - the holidays are ONE DAY. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas - ONE DAY. They don't demand weeks of eating in preparation. I suppose we all have holiday parties and other similar events, but it all comes down to one day, or what, like 3 days over the holiday season - 2 if we don't count Halloween. Yeesh!

I don't know how I feel about Halloween this year. I've been largely ignoring it thus far, which, may be my answer. During SWL1 I think I cycled through 2 Halloweens. During the first one I was so proud of myself because I didn't. want. candy. I was adamant about it. But Halloween came, and we had a HUGE bag leftover because my parents buy too much which I suspect is done on purpose. That's when it became tough. I can talk a big game and it's all gravy (or butterfingers and milk duds, in this case) until it's sitting right in front of me.

A few days later I remember grabbing a few pieces from the bowl, and my dad came into the kitchen, saw what I had and said "So, you're giving up on the whole thing, then?" and I remember getting so mad. I still don't like the way he phrased it - "giving up" was so harsh. And it doesn't take into account that I can't be perfect all the time. But it DID take into account how I could have only taken one piece, or found another way to feel indulgent.

I can't remember if it was last year or a different Halloween, but one of the years I know my parents hid the candy, and I suspect it was from me. It was before the 31st, and I was looking in all our usual storage places to find the candy, to see if it had been opened yet. My parents usually always open it before the 31st, and a few pieces are taken here and there. If I found the bag already opened, it was OPEN SEASON for me! But if it was still closed, I would wait so that all of the blame could not be put on me.

The fact that they hid it made it that much more desirable and I spent days looking for it. I finally found it - and it wasn't open. I didn't take any, just left it in its hiding spot and walked away. I think at that point it was more about finding it, saying to myself/my parents "See, I found it but I'm not going to dive into it and come up with wrappers in my ears like you thought" and backing off. I don't even remember if I ate any post-Halloween - I just remember, if my parents are HIDING the candy in all likelihood because of my tendencies to eat half the bag, that's on ME, not on them.

So who knows about this year. I haven't been looking for candy, nor have I naturally come across it. And I guess I'd rather not. And I'd also rather not be in the house on Halloween, either. To just not be near the candy, but also because we get fewer trick-or-treaters every year, except the stupid high school/middle school kids who put on an inside-out sweatshirt and temporary hair dye and think it's a costume and come back like 4 times. Not Cool. If you're gonna do it, put some effort into it! I did it in high school, and we went as Alice in Wonderland characters, as a group. It was awesome. Respect the rules of the holiday, is what I'm saying!


A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Ugh candy is EVERYWHERE in my office. There are twn cubes in my row and there are only two that dont have bowls of candy (mine being one of them.) My goal is to not buy Halloween candy until the actual day for the trick or treators. Then I'll start giving out ginormous handfuls to the kids toward the end of the night. I cant trust myself around the sweet sugary goodness :)

Christa said...

Congrats on your loss!:) I am not going to buy candy until the day before and then anything remaining will go with my husband to work to give away!! I can't have chocolate in my house!!

Lil Miss D (105in365) said...

234.4?! You are rocking this weight loss girl! I need to start taking my cues from you! Thanks for being an inspiration :)


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