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29 October 2009

You know what that means...

I'm bored. And I have too much time between now and when I'm meeting a friend for dinner.

So you get to hear about something that bugs me that no one really cares about HOORAYYYAYAYAYAY....ay. ?

Okay, The Biggest Loser. Great show, but something bugged me about last week's episode and I forgot to mention it until now.

Did you notice when the members of the black team went home for a week, some of them were SUPER judge-y about what their families were eating? It seemed like Dina especially was ragging all over her husband and other people’s food and stuff and I didn’t like it. Shay was a little bit too. And yes, part of me gets it: their families aren't eating healthy and contestants don’t want their family members to go down their same path - but on the other hand, have they forgotten what it felt like when other people said it to them?   Sit down and teach, don’t be mean.

My grandmother used to do that to me a lot and I hated it. And not once did it change what I ate. I would make a sandwich that, in her defense, really did have an astronomical amount of calories, but she'd say: "That's a lot of calories." in this snarky judgemental way. Trust me - I loved her and I miss her but the woman could judge like you wouldn't believe and wasn't afraid to let it out. Now, I can be stubborn and I often cut off my nose to spite my face, and maybe I wasn't ready (more like unwilling) to make that change for myself - but, give me a break here. If you're saying it because you care, then say it in such a manner that actually conveys love and care and support.

I suppose it's a hard balance to strike - tough and unconditional love. About 4 years ago my mom told me she was afraid I wouldn't get a job because of my weight. That was one of the few times she's ever commented on it. I bet it took a lot of courage for her to say that to me. I love her for spreaking up, though I'm not sure I want to be sold on the idea of overweight = no job because then I'm up shit creek without a paddle. But anyway, years later - it still makes me mad how my grandmother would talk to me about food, but I've accepted how my mom dealt with how I looked. Maybe it's me and I just don't respond well to judgement. I know that's true - I do enough of it to myself, I don't need other people jumping on that bandwagon!

Before we get too deep into my family and life issues because WHO WANTS THAT - NOT ME: the Biggest Loser thing - was I the only one that thought that?


Christa said...

Yeah...I hear kind of bothered me too...but I can also see her point that she wants to come home and keep up the healthy life and if her family isn't willing to eat healthy maybe she is afraid she will go back to her old bad habits...she could go about it in a nicer way though.

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I wasn't really thinking that while I was watching but I agree with what you're saying. I was actually kind of mad at Dina's family and Shay's husband because when I go out with people that are eating healthy I tend to not order the fish and chips or the smothered steak out of respect for them and what they are trying to achieve. I would think that the contestant's families could also make a better effort to be respectful. But you're right, I would say that the families need to be taught just like the contestants were taught on the ranch.

I grew up in a house where my eating was scrutinized and the only thing it ever did for me was make me feel guilty, which caused me to eat more to cover the guilt, and sneak my food (which I still do, even when I live alone). It messes people up!

I've been told that my weight might get in the way of future employment but I hope that as long as I go to interviews looking professional, classy, and intelligent my credentials will speak for themselves.

What kind of job are you trying to get?


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