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30 October 2009

New AttiFood

So I had a phone interview today. For a job that would be pretty cool, and I’ve done the type of work before. I still don’t think the interview went well. I think my answers were okay, maybe even good enough to move me to the next round, but I don’t think I came across well. Phone interviews mess me up – in a normal face-to-face conversation, your fellow conversation partner is quiet while you talk, but you can gauge reactions and get immediate nonverbal feedback whether it’s positive or negative. On the phone, it’s just silence, impossible to interpret – I hate that. And me being me, I assume the silence means “I’m silently judging and you are a horrible candidate” and from there it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I get flustered and while the essence of my answers isn’t affected, the way in which I communicate is. There are more “ums” and babbling and sometimes even backpedaling if I really feel insecure. It’s so unfortunate; I’m my biggest opponent in a phone interview. Being my own biggest opponent seems to be a theme in my life too. Gonna have to work on that!

Anyway, I’m gonna move on and put it behind me. Also next time if it’s a phone interview I’m gonna try looking at myself in a mirror while I talk – at least I’ll have someone to talk to and I’ll give myself positive nonverbal cues. So silly but it’s not like what I’m doing now is working. SIGH. If any of you have any good phone interview (or regular interviews for that matter) tips, send ‘em my way! …unless the tips are “dress nice” and “send a follow-up thank you” and “don’t sweat like you’re the water show at the Bellagio”; because I already know those.

Other than me sounding like an insecure rambling amateur, today was pretty relaxed. I gave the body a break today and didn’t do any exercise. I am definitely still sore from yesterday. My inner thighs and triceps, specifically.

On to the eats!


*gala apple
*cup of coffee
*3/4 cup egg subst. with 1/3 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend, 1/4 cup salsa

(and then another cup of coffee an hour or so later)


*cup of veggie crunchers


*2/3 cup of cottage cheese
*about a cup(ish) of tuna with 2 tbsp light mayo


*big veggie/chicken stir fry (same as the other night except more this time!)


*skinny cow ice cream cone


nic said...

There are SO many articles out there with sample questions and answers to study up on. Whenever I have an interview, I usually spend about 2 days preparing. Most experts recommend that. You should know EVERYTHING you can find out about the company, and have really solid answers that provide results of what you've accomplished.

It's not a bad thing to take those sample "good" answers to questions and rework and reword them to fit your qualifications. Just never read back anything or rehearse too much.

Now that I'm on the other side of the interviewing table, if someone appears and sounds prepared, they automatically move near the top of the list, ultra qualified or not. It proves they really want THIS job and to work for THIS company, and that's more important.

Dree said...

I can understand what you mean about messing yourself up when you interview over the phone. But your idea about talking into a mirror sounds great- it's the best you can do over the phone, I think!

Good luck!!


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