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27 October 2009

We Sing, We Dance, We Meal Things


*one large whole wheat wrap, 1 cup egg subst, 1 LCL wedge, sprinkling of garlic salt and ketchup


*1 spinach and mozzarella ravioli (sample at Costco)
*bite of an appetizer (rye bread with a cream cheese/ranch dressing spread, and cucumber on top – my mom is making an appetizer for a party tonight and I tried a bite of it)


*wrap: large whole wheat wrap, handful of baby spinach, chicken, 2 tbsp salsa cream cheese dip (same calorie stats as tzatziki sauce!) 5 black olives
*can of V8
*gala apple




*10 strawberries
*3/4 a cup cottage cheese


I kept dinner light 'cause I was too lazy to cook anything. The only other thing I would have had is a piece of my mom's homemade bread, because it's UH. MAY. ZING. but I thought better of it - and I'll have it tomorrow morning as part of my breakfast.

I did not do any sort of exercise today. Totally should have. I feel about 67% guilty about it. ***WARNING: What I'm about to say may totally be a cop-out*** Sometimes I feel like, if I've done at least something good for me and my future in a day, then I would consider it mildly successful, and that's not bad. For example, today I arranged for an interview for myself next week. I also applied to another couple of jobs. I also went to Costco with my dad and scored some baby spinach, apples, and that salsa cream cheese dip to use for veggies and sandwiches. So I got good stuff for the ol' nutrition front, and I also did my best to improve my financial future. Now, I had plllllllllllenty of time today to go to the gym, or do The Shred, or anything else, but I didn’t. I consider two out of three things mildly successful. Hence the only 67% guilt. I guess if my math were correct it would be 66.6666666% repeating. NERD ALERT!

Here’s the other thing I did today. Updated a profile on EHarmony. IIIII….am unsure about this. I haven’t paid for anything yet. I just put my profile on there and posted pictures and set up my matches or whatever. I am tempted to do it, and I’m also tempted to make “Go on a DATE” as a goal of mine. But I’m scared too. I’m scared of rejection.

You know, come to think of it, I think I’m gonna hold off on it. Until January. That’s when my parents go down to Florida for 4 months to be snowbirds and I’ll have the house to myself – it’ll make dating a lot less embarrassing if the ol’ ‘rents aren’t around. I already have enough insecurities feeling like I’m 16 years old, I don’t need to add “picking me up/dropping me off at my parents' house” to it. And hopefully I’ll weigh less too and be a little more confident in myself. Okay, we’re making it a January Goal.

PS: The title of this post is the title of Jason Mraz' most recent album...can I just say, I saw him in concert last year for the first time ever man can put on a show. What I'm saying is, I am attracted to him in a very real way and the singing and guitar-playing and general hotness add to it. Gah.


Christa said...

Yeah..those Veggie Crunchers are one of my staples now...I love the crunch and I eat them in place of chips...:)

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

So now I need some veggie crunchers. Definitely.

I'm exactly the same way with the dating thing. I feel like I have to get my life in order before I invite someone else into it and that means at least having a job, if not also not living with my parents. There's something totally unsexy about "hey let's go back to my place except you have to be very quiet, you have to leave at 5am, you have to park a block over, and please ignore the color of the paint on the walls-I picked it out when I was 14."

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Jason Miraz is a freaking hottie tottie. Even without the guitar and singing he's hot...throw those two in and watch out lady, he becomes a yummy manitizer!


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