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29 October 2009

Start Yer Engines

So I decided to do a challenge.

Kathryn over at Down to 150 is striving to lose 20 pounds in 8 weeks. I have yet to participate in any of these challenges I see on the interwebs. I've been wanting to, and I also want some extra motivation for the holidays/winter months. So I'm doin' it too!

My weigh-in days are Mondays, so I'll say my starting stat is 234.4 - so I'm working towards 214.4 on December 21st! Twenty pounds in eight weeks means losing 2.5 pounds a week, which to me seems like a solid but safe number. And it also seems like one I could easily average too, taking into account good and bad days/weeks, what have you.

So here we go! Anyone else want to sign up for the challenge?

Oh, I've decided to also do my measurements, because I've never done that before. So here they are in inches:

Bust - 50
Waist - 47
Hips - 52
Arms - 13
Thighs - 26.5


Foodie Girl said...

I think 2.5 pounds a week is a great goal! Good luck and I will be rooting for you.

Scarlet Simple said...

I am doing something very similar! Go you!

Tamzin said...

yay for inches!!

Katie J said...

I am going to join you in that challenge but will weigh next Wednesday as my starting date (TOM and moving)

We can DO THIS!!! Hoooraaahhhhh!


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