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08 December 2009

Ain’t Nothing Like the Meal Thing

So, I had an interview today, and I think it went well but I don't want to jinx it or get my hopes up so I'm going to leave it at that except to explain one quick thing - the reason I went on this interview is because I was passed over on a different job within the same organization. My Original Interviewer passed my resume onto Today's Interviewer. So Today's Interviewer tells me that I was passed over by Original Interviewer because she thought I would grow out of the position too quickly. As in, maybe I was meant for better things.

Original Interviewer called me again today to tell me that she really liked me, and that she hopes she gets to work with me. And even if I don't get this new job with Today's Interviewer, she was calling to ask my permission to pass my resume along within the organization if other opportunities present themselves.

I have been unemployed for almost a full year. My last day of work was December 18th, 2008. Seriously, almost 12 months. 365 incredibly painful days. (Not counting temp work here!) 

From January through July I didn't even get any phone calls. NONE. That's also when I gained all my weight back (60 pounds) from SWL1. And then in August I started getting interviews, and I've been consistently interviewing since then, for about 4 months.

That was enough for a while, but then it starts getting to you again. Yeah I'm interviewing, but why aren't I actually landing any of the jobs? Am I not good enough?? Is it the way I look?? I've been trying to keep those thoughts away but they definitely creep in, especially when I have to tell friends or family for the zillionth time that I didn't get this job or that job...


My point in telling you allllllll of this is because today, even if I don't get this job with Today's Interviewer (he's interviewing quite a number of other candidates) I will know that I have Original Interviewer in my corner and I made a good impression. Maybe she was just saying all of that as routine let-you-down-easy-speak, but I feel she really meant it. (If you work in HR or have experience with hiring and this is a routine line, please don't tell me! I want to be happy in my assumptions haha!) I felt good. I felt valued. And I haven't felt that in relation to a job in a long time.

So that was a great outcome of today regardless of getting the new job or not. And that's a nice thing to come away with.

(Oh and SomedaySkinnyMinnie, I know you asked and I keep meaning to tell you, the field I'm in is Arts Administration/Management - working with/for arts non-profits like symphonies, theatres, museums, or orgs that promote arts education or use the arts for community development, that kinda stuff!)

Okay getting away from the warm fuzzies and on to the standards!

I didn't go to the gym today...I should have. I tweeted about it! But then I made an awesome lunch instead and then made holiday cards and hung some ornaments on our tree and hung out with my parents. I'm happy with my choice. After all, my parents are leaving in less than a month to go be Snowbirds for 4 months..and despite all the Talk that I talk, I will miss them a bit :-) I have to get in the quality time while I can!

Vitamins – check!

Water – 92oz today. Hah, that's low for me these days - but it's okay, I was kinda busy making holiday cards and what not :-)


*I started to make/eat pumpkin oatmeal with quick-cooking oats, pumpkin puree and nutmeg and cinnamon, but I really didn’t like it. I added some unsweetened applesauce which helped, but ultimately gave up. I probably ate a cup in total.
*I then switched to a pumpkin waffle instead :-)
*cup of coffee, black.


*gala apple


*fish taco: tortilla wrap, chopped romaine lettuce, grilled tilapia seasoned with Old Bay, mango salsa
*biiig glass of milk (two cups)


*cup veggie crunchers
*wrap: … I really am a creature of habit… 100 calorie whole wheat wrap, chicken with mayo, 1 LCL wedge, honey mustard, 10 bread and butter pickles, big handful of baby spinach, a little bit of diced onion.


Greta from said...

Sending good job thoughts!! have lost 35 pounds since September.......that is so great! Keep it are awesome!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I'm crossing everything I got for me and you!

The arts is a hard field right now. Don't forget to look at colleges and universities. Many have art facilities/venues and qualified people forget to look here. If I see anything (though my search is pretty much limited to Ohio and Kentucky at the moment) I'll send if your way!

tena said...

I'm crossing everything, too! And congrats on the 35 pounds gone! You are doing great!

Anonymous said...

Found you through another blog and wanted to sat good luck!


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