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07 December 2009

I Want It That Weigh

**Okay, so I usually put my post title in last before I finally upload the entire post, right? And I started the post below as normal, but I have to interject now that I used a Backstreet Boys song for my post title. I was in high school during the peak of TRL's popularity and relevance...I can't begin to tell you how often I watched the video for I Want it That Way. And on top of our constant TRL watching, my friends and I recorded it on tape (TAPE!) and would watch it over and over and over and, those were good times. I still put on a private car concert for myself whenever I listen to that song, which is more often than I should, probably. Also I may or may not have seen BSB twice in concert. And NSync two or three times. And NKOTB one an adult.**

Oh, my lovelies. I come to you this morning with a happy heart. Because I have (*singsong*) new pictures for you!!!!!!!

Let's start with this one, shall we?

Did you see my twitter about me being a post-it addict? For realsies. So I was looking to see if I had any crayons in my Craft/Office Supply Box (and I DON'T! What is wrong with me?!) and came upon the fact that I have an inappropriate amount of post-it notes. Some of them are still in the packaging! Like those Office ones, for example. They're just so fun! Hello Kitty, Washington Post, my initials, oh my! Why do I even buy them if I love them too much to use them?! These are all the ones that I haven't even gotten to yet, btdubs. I have SIX other notepads sitting on my desk that I use at the moment...Yeah. My name is Laura, and I have a problem.

You know what I don't have a problem with?

Losing weight. Boom.

Here are my latest progress pics!!

Can you guess what weight I'm at? I'll tell you that those jeans are my 20s, still - they came out of the dryer yesterday so they fit pretty well, a little on the loose side. The only thing I don't like is being able to see my zipper outline on the front-facing picture - this is the first time I've worn that shirt in a while and it isn't as loose as other shirts I've worn...but I wanted it to fit me a little bit on the snug side so I can really see my shape.  (Also I may or may not have had to photoshop a small stain out of that shirt...*sigh*)

Anyweight (didn't mean to add the T on there, but it stays!) I actually had a bad feeling about this morning - I was prepping myself to face another week of "Where did all my hard work go?" and I want you all to know that I did my best to remember and hold on to the fact that I did a lot of work and healthy choices and exercising (in the snow!) and I need to be happy with that.

Well lucky for me I can be happy with the scale number too!


A nice round even number!

So that brings me to 42 pounds lost! Huzzah!

And thank you for all your shoe comments - I will let you know what happens with my search for new kicks!


Chai Latté said...

You look like you came straight from Tiny Town!
What a difference! :-)

Rebecca said...

damn girl... what a difference!

your looking fab and i see me some Hello Kitty, I wouldn't mind havin... ;)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Your waist looks so tiny! You look great. I hate that zipper thing too.

Foodie Girl said...

Holy Schmokies!!!! Va Va Va Boom! You look amazing! Laura, you are doing fantastic! Keep up the good work!

Katie J said...

OMG!! First of all, it is nice to know that I am not the only post-it addict! No wonder I like you so much!

Damn girlie, you are looking hot. Nice curvy bod there babe! Woowooo!!

Someday SkinnyMinnie said...

I noticed first and foremost how skinny your neck looks, especially in comparison to your other pics. And your tummy. Amazing! Beautiful!

266 said...

Yowza! You are one curvaceous babe! The photos say it all; you're looking great!!!

Edit: Ha! Ha! The word verification was 'trimalic' - okay, maybe that actually says it all!

Tony the Pink Panda said...

I can definitely tell the difference. Keep it up!

SlenderSwan2B said...

Haha I know someone else who is a post it addict. i am sending her a link to your blog lol


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