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08 December 2009

Holiday Cards

I set off to Target this evening to find holiday cards to send to all my friends. I have Jewish friends, Athiest friends, Agnostic friends, and some of them are bothered by Christmas Cards and some of them aren't. So I always go for "Holiday" cards to be safe.

Target's selection was crap. I usually have a hard time finding just the right kind anyway - I'm a stickler for stationery - but this year was all wrong. One would have a great design but be for Christmas - or the holiday/snow ones would be super ugly. I couldn't find the right mixture of being PC but also cute or clever and even reflect a little bit of my own silliness or cuteness. (That's right - I can be silly and cute! Imagine the sides to me you haven't seen!)

So I decided to make my own.

They appeal to the sarcastic in me.

Cardstock, travel paper cutter, envelopes, snowflake stickers, and my own Sharpie marker :-) I wrote it out on one and scanned it to my comp to avoid writing it out over and over like a doofus. You can tell it's scanned and even a bit pixelated but I think it adds to its charm.

Want one? ;-)


Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I love those cards! What a cute idea! :)

Kat said...

This is hilarious. It reminds me of the stuff over at

Dreaming of the New Me said...

Love the card

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

It's so hard to know what kind of cards to send to friends who are of different faiths. What a great solution! And so cute too. You are creative!

Greta from said...

Good idea!! Better than my plan to just say "Happy Holidays" on facebook. LOL

Rebecca said...

luvin this card!!

great idea!!

Kristina said...

Well, you should atleast appeal to all of your friends! lol


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