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09 December 2009

Meal Big Fish

Sigh. So I got an email from Today's Interviewer (who I suppose is technically Yesterday's Interviewer!) and he wants to set up another round of interviews early next week with me and the other "finalist". So apparently it's down to me and one other person, and we're meeting with his right-hand-woman, and then him for a second time. I'm tired already. I just want it to be over.

I'm so sick of getting my hopes up!

Anyway, on to more fun things!

Went to the gym this afternoon – and hooooo boy, did I sweat.

First, I did my warm up on the treadmill but a little better this time:

Of course I did my 1 minute of walking at 3mph, and then ran until 13:40! AT 5MPH! That’s a 12 minute mile, folks. And I ran an extra 40 seconds after that! I am really happy with that. I thought, you know, 4.9 is obviously not that different from 5, and I easily transitioned from 4.8 to 4.9 so I should be able to do it

And I did!

So that was pretty great. The mileage came out to 1.10. Ha, originally I was going to just run until 13:30 but the mileage was at 1.08 and I am a weird person and I wanted to get it to a nice round number so I kept going until 1.10 :-P Ridonkulous.

So after my awesome mile, I did 4 machines. I upped my ## on the leg press, and with the other machines I really focused on going slower and more precisely. Working less of momentum and more off of my own strength. I think it worked? I dunno. I don’t really know anything about weight training. I’ve had some sessions with personal trainers in the past and I read blogs and such, but ultimately I’m making it up and trusting what little instincts I have. Heh.

After those machines I did some jump rope. I did it for a minute and 5 seconds straight! That’s a new record for me. That wasn’t all the jump roping I did, it was just the longest stretch. I did some abs stuff, and took a page from Jillian’s book and did the lunge/bicep curl move from the Shred DVD (I just used heavier weights). It was TOUGH! I did some regular bicep curls and tricep work too.

I did a couple of modified push-ups to see what I looked like doing them – um, I’m BARELY bending my arms and I can feel the burn. I then tried a real push up and couldn’t do it. This is all with the correct form, I should point out. If I had my ass sticking up in the air maybe I could dip down further but…I’d rather get the muscle memory doing it the right way. Anyway, that’s a work in progress!

So I left it there! I was definitely sweating and I don’t want to do the same thing every time and have my body get used to it.

Vitamins – Check!

Water – 152oz. Wow


*egg mix: zucchini, 1/3 red pepper diced, egg subst, 1 LCL wedge and ketchup on top!

Snack (post-gym):

*1/2 cup of cottage cheese


*oven baked sweet potato fries (half a sweet potato, 1 tbsp olive oil, seasoned with salt pepper paprika and cumin)
*sandwich: arnold’s thin, roasted red pepper, spinach, tzatziki sauce


*gala apple


*cup veggie crunchers (LOL this does NOT count towards my whole veggie per meal deal)
*Tastybite Madras Lentils soup (can I mention again how much I love this stuff?)
*cup of steamed broccoli

(okay, I'd say I made my goal of fruit or veggie at each meal - I'm not counting snacks, right? Because that would be a little ridonkulous. I'm sticking with a Breakfast Lunch and Dinner framework)


Foodie Girl said...

Good job on the workouts. I have just started jogging and I feel as though I will never get there! In a 20 minute walk at 3.2, I am running 2 minutes at 4.0 once around 5:00 minutes and another 2 minutes around 13:00 minutes. That is all I can do. It just doesn't feel like it's enough and I am just dying on there! Does it get any easier?

nic said...

form is SO important, so that's an awesome goal (re: pushups). You'll get there.

Also, SECOND INTERVIEW! I can't believe you're "sighing" about that! It's a fantastic sign. I've been through processes with 3 interviews with individuals and a 4th interview with a giant board of people... so change your attitude about it or you won't get the job. You're not "tired," you're "experienced."


Rebecca said...

cant wait to hear about your interview and obviously best of luck!

i have some friends who are unemployed and they, like you, are just tired of hoping. i cant imagine the wear on your nerves!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo what an awesome job on the running!

Hopefully something comes through for you soon :)


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