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16 September 2009

Are you going to live your life?

I am proud of myself today. Well, my emotions in the order they happened were: tired, excited, shameful, motivated, then proud. And then proud again! All before noon. I’m a busy gal, you see.

I was tired when I woke up. Then I was excited because I came across a job posting for an organization that I LOVE and really want to work for – and I have a history with them so I roped in everyone I knew to put in a good word for me, as I sent in my application materials. I hope it worked! Then I was shameful because I spent the time working on my applications and emailing everyone I knew from grad school about the job (for help), and I missed my window that morning to go to the gym. But! Instead I did the 30 Day Shred DVD again. I still was pretty bad at it, but I didn’t outright quit this time. I made it to the end! So I was proud of myself for still doing something this morning.

The reason I wanted to get this all in the morning is that I made plans to spend the day with my friend and her incredibly adorable 11 month old twins. We had been planning a “bad movie day” for a really long time. Also, she and I have been friends since we were in elementary school and we have always been bigger than our friends. She is WAY smaller than me, but like many women of any size, still isn’t comfortable in her own body. Having twins aided in this as well. We often discuss (more like complain about) food and exercise and all that. So, three weeks ago before I started getting healthy, we had planned on junk food and all that. But I said NO!

I drank a V8 in the car on the way over. I suppose that would be counted as breakfast? Anyway, before I left I armed myself with fat free popcorn, sugar snap peas and carrots, tzatziki sauce and a couple of those individual Sabra hummus packs. So that’s what we snacked on! It was great and I was proud of myself for taking the lead on it.

For lunch I had a tuna melt. From what I could tell it was a piece of white bread, a piece of American cheese, and tuna and mayo I think? So it wasn’t devastatingly bad by any means, but it was the first meal that I hadn’t prepared myself in a while. It was fine though. And tasty!

After I came home I snacked on some strawberries.

And finally for dinner I had:

*A cup of cottage cheese (this is, and has always been low fat btw)
*egg scramble (egg subst., red pepper, green pepper, onion, and spinach)

Nothing exciting.

In other news, I just started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s a nonfiction book about the year of her and her family’s life that they moved to rural Appalachia with the goal of eating and producing their own food – animals and vegetables. It starts off with more of a Fast Food Nation vibe, talking about American tendencies towards gluttony, obesity, and processed foods and a severe lack of knowledge about where out food comes from. I have to say I’m guilty of all of these! Though I’m trying to let go of processed foods.

I’m really hoping this book will inspire me to try unfamiliar vegetables, or at least those that I would normally glance over. And/or just make me think more about my relationship with clean, healthy food and how I can get more if it in my life! Yay!

Listening to: Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World (the post title is a lyric from this song - listen to it, it's good in a motivational kind of way!)

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