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19 September 2009

Food Vibrations


*1 Arnold’s Sandwich Thins
*1-2 tbsp Philly Cream Cheese, 1/3 less fat kind
*4 strawberries, thinly sliced
*1/2 a cup cottage cheese

Toast thins, spread cream cheese, add strawberries! So delish.


*Whole wheat, honey and rosemary pizza dough (individual size)
*1/2 a breast chicken, shredded
*two handfuls of baby spinach, cooked down
*2 or 3 tbsp of roasted red pepper sauce

You can guess what I made today! I used this same dough recipe, but I added rosemary this time. It is SO GOOD. I cooked down the spinach before hand, and then spread a little sauce, spinach, and then the chicken and cooked for about 7 minutes at 350, after the dough had baked for about 10 minutes at the same temp.

I made the dough and quartered it, and froze 3 of the 4 mini balls of dough. Each one is still more than one serving, but given that the dough is pretty low calorie, three servings is okay. I think it sounds bigger than it really is, but what do I know. I think three servings of the dough comes out to be 249 calories, so I’m not sweating it.

I’m excited to have three other portions left! Who knows what kind of things I might make. I might just bake it and cut it and half and use it as a flat bread sandwich, or maybe use it for breakfast and put eggs over it, but I’m excited to try things!


*Sugar snap peas with tzatziki sauce for dipping.
*Can of V8

I ate this during the VT football game today. I probably wouldn’t even have had dinner because I was still kind of full from the snack and the crazy emotions from the game. As I’ve mentioned, I am a VT alum. And I love football. We played Nebraska today, and were down 15-10 with two minutes left in the game. And we came back to win 16-15. It was INSANE. In two minutes I went from being so upset and distraught, to sitting on the edge of my seat with a huge knot in my stomach, to jumping up and down screaming with adrenaline rushing through my body. And I wasn’t even AT the game. Man was it amazing. Food was the last thing on my mind. But I didn’t want to go without anything so I made myself a lil somethin’.


*Tilapia and roasted red pepper sauce
*1/2 a cup of cottage cheese

Good day.

Listening to: Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus. (Damn it I can't help it. Dumb title, catchy song.)

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