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13 September 2009

I Am THE Walrus, not I Am A Walrus.

HOO-BOY, it is late! I’m just now getting home from an evening-o-fun. But first, foods. Didn't exercise (unless you count a few flights of stairs when I had the option of an elevator!) so I wanted to go pretty easy on food. Only had one real meal today, otherwise I just grazed/ate every couple of hours.

Cup of Coffee
Handful of grapes + V8
1 tbsp peanut butter
Laughing Cow Light cheese wedge

Dinner was:

The rest of my grilled chicken w/homemade red pepper sauce

After dinner I went over to a friend’s apartment to watch the USC/Ohio State game AND to play his new Beatles’ Rock Band. Normally he and I would get dinner and drink soda and just relax, but I made sure to emphasize that I would be eating beforehand. He’s not a foodpusher or anything – this was actually more about my bank account status than it is about eating poor foods – but I wanted to make sure that I would be eating on my own terms.

I did bring some popcorn over there with me though. 94% fat free kettle corn. I heart it. And I also drank about eighty billion cups of water.

(Oh, speaking of eating well – to 100togo, thank you for your comments about the good foods I’m eating. I hope I can keep it up. I’m totally still in the honeymoon phase of this mission, and who knows how long it’ll last. But I’m gonna try not to think about it or anticipate it, self-fulfilling prophecies and all. I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on!)

So now I’m exhausted and my eyes are killing me, because we played Beatles’ Rock Band for roughly four hours. We played the whole game. Fun, though! I shred on fake guitar.

(alternative post titles were: "I'm Looking Through You...At That Cheeseburger", "I've Just Stuffed A Face", and "A Lard Day's Night")

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Katie J said...

I just found your blog through Jack Sh*it's. I ready back some and I really like your writing style. You must type like you talk cuz it's really easy to read.

You can do this my dear! I am 43 and doing it
(-1.6/wk)I am starting to exercise more and seeing the wonderful benefits of it. It was harder to move around 50 lbs ago but now I am getting in the groove of living an active lifestyle.

Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing your progress!


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