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14 September 2009

It's in the weigh

I am off and running (not literally, not yet!) today, or at least for the first half of today, but I wanted to get the Monday :-P


I figured it would be good since I exercised and made good choices and I'm happy I was right, because there are always the weeks where the scale betrays you despite hard work. So this is a great way to start a day!

I'm just trying to hang on to this as long as I can. I start to worry (because, do you know me?) about when the other (badly worn gym workout) shoe is going to drop and I'll become lazy and unmotivated and want to wash down a cheeseburger made with two pizzas as the buns and Little Debbie condiments.

But! I try not to. I know it isn't doing anybody any good and so I just focus on what I'm doing right at that moment.

Like right now! Off to do things. (Yes, 'do things'. My English knows no bounds)

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Yes - please just focus on keeping on with your plan! You have done so well! I know first hand that looking at a large weight loss is hard, but try breaking it down into smaller pieces. That's what I did when I lost my 150 pounds.

You can do this - you've already gotten a great start!


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